Why Choose a Physio Near Me

When you are having problems with mobility, you are recovering from surgery, or you have a sports injury. Perhaps you might need to see a physio near me. Pain management and recovery are more successful with help from a Physio. Here is a look at how they can help and what they can do. They not only help with your recovery, strength and pain management, but also with injury prevention.

Physiotherapy does not rely on medication

Physios aim to treat their patients with sessions that include hands-on manipulation, exercise and so on, but do not prescribe medications. This also includes teaching patients how to improve their health when at home. They are trained in the neurological, cardio-respiratory and musculoskeletal systems and focus on physical rehabilitation. It can help people of all ages from babies up to seniors. Physiotherapists can work in private practices as well as non-private, and in all kinds of departments in hospitals including emergency departments, ICUs and in post-surgical care.

What to expect from an appointment with a PT

When you head to a physiotherapy session the first appointment ever will look different to the rest. This will be when they assess you, they will ask you to undertake some strength tests, movement patterns, and other tests. This is what they will then base their diagnosis on and base their individualized treatment plan on. Seeing a physio near me will involve a number of sessions as each person is different. When they have gone over the plan, what it includes, what the methods used are and how many sessions you need, you then agree, and then the more regular sessions will begin.

Who can benefit from seeing a PT?

As mentioned it is for anyone. If someone has an injury or physical limitation they can see a physio for help. That includes being in pain, having restricted movement, having muscle weakness, loss of balance, neurological conditions or symptoms, incontinence, post-concussion syndrome and more. As well as helping to treat a person they can also help with the prevention of injury. A physio Perth can help strengthen and improve movement so that you are more physically able to do your job or perform in the sport of your choice. More people can feel better than they might realise.


An interesting thing about physiotherapists is that they rank as being one of the highest when it comes to job satisfaction. Most become what they are because they like what they do and they want to help people. They find it rewarding to help patients coming in with a lot of pain and limited mobility and leaving a lot better or even recovered. Each person has their own needs and with some clever planning and application of their techniques and skill they can help them. You can find a physio yourself or you can talk to your GP about getting a referral to see someone. You can speed up your recovery and reduce your need for pain medication.

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