Revolutionizing Vision: Can Astigmatism Patients Opt for LASIK?

It is estimated that two million people have this imperfection in the optical system, which causes difficulties in seeing. Surgical procedure is an alternative for those who want to stop wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Difficulty distinguishing letters far and close, blurred vision, and more sensitivity to light. These are symptoms of astigmatism, a refractive error in the optical system that prevents the eyeball from focusing light evenly. In some cases, symptoms begin in childhood and, according to estimates, affect approximately two million people in Brazil for example.

The ophthalmologist like Kraff Eye Institute for instance must define the treatment of this eye problem and is essential so that the problem does not increase. In most cases, the recommendations for correction are contact lenses or glasses that allow adapting the vision according to the degree presented by the patient.

The novelty is that this correction can also be made by laser surgery. The alternative may dispense with the use of corrective lenses. “The patient who opts for refractive surgery solves the image focusing problem by correcting the error in the optical system, but the indication for surgery must be analyzed case by case,

For surgery, and points out that she should have done it earlier. “It’s another life. I’m still recovering, my vision is a little blurred, but I can already see much better, especially at a distance, which was my biggest difficulty.

Surgery is indicated for patients who want to solve the problem or have not adapted to glasses or lenses. The recommendation is that it be done in patients over 18 years old due to the formation and structure of the body, but prior monitoring is essential, as there are situations such as astigmatism caused by diseases that surgery is not advised and this is when it answers the question of can you get lasik with astigmatism. 

The most indicated techniques for the laser surgical procedure are Lasik and PRK. Lasik needs preparation before being applied, as the most superficial layer of the cornea is cut, and only after that is the laser applied. The PRK, ​​on the other hand, has precision technology; each involuntary eye movement is tracked, and the shot is made to reach the programmed location.

Causes Of Astigmatism

Astigmatism can be acquired through diseases or hereditary.

One of the most common diseases is keratoconus, the deformation occurs through the fragility of the corneal collagen, and its identification is only proven through exams, as it is not seen with the naked eye.    

Astigmatism can also be a hereditary vision problem caused by the irregularity of the curvature of the cornea, and it is possible to identify it soon after birth, but it is usually only confirmed in childhood when there are reports of the person not seeing well.

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