Hibiscus Tea: Learn About Various Brands and Its Effectiveness


Every person is aware of the beautiful hibiscus flowers that are found in Southeast Asia and North Africa. However, today, you will find these flowers in subtropical as well as tropical climates. People worldwide use hibiscus tea that is prepared from hibiscus plants. This tea has tart and sweet flavors, and in this respect, it looks similar to cranberry. People prefer to consume hibiscus tea, either iced or hot. Hibiscus tea provides several health benefits that include lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. This tea also seems helpful to soothe sore throats and assists in managing weight.

Notable Brands of Hibiscus Tea

Organic Hibiscus Flowers from Anthony’s– Organic hibiscus flowers are utilized to prepare hibiscus tea, though they have some culinary applications too. Suppose someone recommends Anthony’s Organic Hibiscus Flowers. In that case, you have to believe him, as these flowers tend to be a superb choice for people who look for loose-leaf and good-quality hibiscus flowers that are devoid of additives. These flowers aren’t only used to prepare hibiscus tea but also in sauces, jellies, jams, and as an all-natural food coloring.

Organic Hibiscus Tea from Traditional Medicinals: 

Everyone’s aware of Traditional Medicinals as this company is popular for creating premium-quality herbal teas. In this regard, Organic Hibiscus Tea isn’t considered to be an exception, and this blend comprises lemongrass, blackberry leaf, and hibiscus.

Organic Egyptian Hibiscus Flowers from Starwest Botanicals: 

When you look for a reliable brand, you can’t ignore Starwest Botanicals, as it never fails to source premium-quality spices and herbs. The organic hibiscus flowers from this company seem to be ideal for brewing your kind of hibiscus tea.

Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea from the Republic of Tea:

This brand is popular for its high-quality tea, and its Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea proves it. When you prepare this blend, you will find the fruity raspberry notes to complement the tart flavor of hibiscus. And rose petals do the job of adding a floral smell to the mix. People love to drink this tea due to its vibrant color. This tea comprises rosehip, raspberry, stevia, apples, rose petals, natural flavors, and Nigerian hibiscus.

Commendable Benefits

Historically, people of African nations used to drink hibiscus tea to lessen their body temperature, soothe sore throats, and treat heart disease. Even the Iranian people drink hibiscus tea to treat levels of high blood pressure. According to recent studies, it has been proven that hibiscus tea can treat high cholesterol and high blood pressure effectively.

  • Cholesterol: According to research, it has been concluded that when people drink hibiscus tea, their cholesterol levels decline. The good thing is their good cholesterol levels increase remarkably.
  • Blood pressure: If you drink hibiscus tea, you can lower your high levels of blood pressure. Studies have proved that hibiscus tea can lower both diastolic and systolic blood pressure.
  • Nutrition: As hibiscus tea is naturally caffeine and calorie-free, you can drink this tea iced or hot. This tea is naturally tart; hence, you need to add honey or sugar to sweeten it.

The Final Thoughts

Hibiscus tea is acknowledged as a fragrant tea that is created from the hibiscus flowers’ dried calyces. People look for the best brands of hibiscus tea; some recommends Anthony’s Organic Hibiscus Flowers, whereas some opt for Starwest Botanicals Organic Egyptian Hibiscus Flowers. They take their pick according to their individual preferences. The best thing is hibiscus tea provides full benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

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