Financial Insights: The True Cost of Laser Eye Surgery

The cost of Lasik surgery or laser eye surgery cost can range from $1,000.00 to $4,000.00. In addition, some factors impact the transaction price, such as:

  • Degree of vision problem
  • The clinic where the procedure will be performed
  • Ophthalmologist’s evaluation
  • Whether your health plan covers partial or no expenses with the surgery and whether it offers reimbursement.

Lasik Surgery Risks

Undercorrections – If the laser removes too little tissue from the eye, you won’t get the clearest vision results you’d hoped for. In this sense, corrections are more common for myopic people. They are common when the laser removes very little tissue from the eye without providing the clearest vision results you had hoped for. In these cases, you may need another LASIK procedure to remove more tissue within a year.

Overcorrections – It is also possible for the laser to remove too much tissue from the eye. Thus, overcorrections can be more difficult to correct than undercorrections.

Astigmatism – Astigmatism can be caused by uneven removal of tissue. As such, it may require additional surgery, glasses, or contact lenses;

Flap issues – Folding back or removing the flap from the front of the eye during surgery can cause complications, including infection and excess tearing. Also, the outermost layer of corneal tissue may grow abnormally under the flap during the healing process;

Regression is when your vision slowly changes to your original prescription. But, it is a less common risk. Vision loss or changes are rare, but surgical complications can result in vision loss. In this regard, some people may also not see as sharply or clearly as they once did.

Lasik Surgery Side Effects

Side effects are also rare. However, they are always linked with one of the risks surgery offers to the eyes. In addition, in some cases, these side effects may last for a few days during the postoperative period:

  • See halos around images
  • Problems driving at night
  • floating view
  • dry eyes
  • itchy eyes
  • tearing
  • light sensitivity
  • Small bruises on your eye

If any of these effects persist, we recommend you seek immediate medical attention from your ophthalmologist.

Postoperative And Recovery From Lasik Surgery

Although many myths about Lasik surgery exist, the postoperative period is not a “big picture.” Some clinics like at discover vision center for example guarantee that. But special care is needed. Especially in the first few days after the surgery. Such as:

  • Avoid direct light in the eyes;
  • Do not perform heavy activities;
  • Avoid using makeup or facial creams until authorized by your doctor;
  • Do not go to swimming pools, sea, or hot tubs.
  • In addition, do not forget to consult your ophthalmologist more frequently for at least the next 6 months after the surgery. This is necessary to carry out regular checkups to check your vision.
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