Benefits And Treatment Of Nose Osteotomy Enhancing Function And Aesthetics

When you decide to go for a rhinoplasty, also called a nose job, it is a very important choice that needs careful consideration. It is essential to explore all options first before making the final decision. It is also imperative that people understand their benefits and the treatment that is required in the surgery.

One option is a nose osteotomy that provides functional improvement and cosmetic enhancement. In this article, we will read about the benefits and treatment of nose osteotomy to gain valuable knowledge.

What Is Nose Osteotomy?

Nose osteotomy is a special form of rhinoplasty that focuses on adjusting the position and alignment of the bones of the nose. Traditional rhinoplasty generally focuses on reshaping and resizing the nose. However, nose osteotomy addresses the issues like a crooked nose, nasal fracture, and other nose problems. This procedure can help you get the appearance of a large nasal hump, making your nose look wider when viewed from the front.

Benefits Of Nose Osteotomy

· Improved Function

After nose osteotomy on your nose so you can restore and enhance nasal function. This procedure addresses structural issues like deviated Septum obstruction. The patients’ experience improves breathing and airflow through the nasal passage. This procedure can help with chronic congestion and snoring. and difficulty in breathing will improve your quality of life.

· Personalized Treatment

Every patient is different, and the problem with every patient’s nose is unique. To address every unique concern of a patient’s special features, medical history, and outcome.

Types Of Nose Osteotomy

· External Osteotomy Rhinoplasty

This process helps modify the external nasal structure to address the functional issue and enhance the look.

· Medial Osteotomy Rhinoplasty

Medial Osteotomy helps reduce the appearance of the dorsal hump, narrow the nose’s size, and correct various nasal deformities by adjusting the nasal bone, it is possible.

· Reverse Osteotomy Rhinoplasty

In this procedure, widening of the nasal area is performed. This technique is for people with a narrow nasal Bridge or a collapsed nasal valve. That results in improved nasal structure and breathing.

· Lateral Osteotomy Rhinoplasty

This technique is used to address issues like nasal fractures. Also, the base of the nose is useful in getting the desired facial symmetry and contour.

Treatment And Recovery

  • After the nose osteotomy [การเสริมจมูกตอกฐาน, which is the term in Thai] surgery, the patients are expected to recover in 1 to 2 weeks. Swelling and bruising around the treatment site are common. And patients are expected to remain in the bandage for approximately one week.
  • Patients are also advised to sleep with their heads alleviated. And avoid any kind of strain activity for six weeks to ensure a smoother recovery.


Nose osteotomy is beneficial for nose functionality coupled with enhanced physical appearance. You can transform your appearance by choosing an expert in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. The procedure is tailored according to your unique needs and desires. It helps enhance function, improves facial symmetry, and addresses other concerns related to the nose. Before opting for this surgery, you need to understand the benefits and treatment involved in the procedure completely. You should make an informed decision about your rhinoplasty treatment.

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