Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety by itself is not an illness, it is something everyone experiences when they are going through something that causes psychological or physical distress. When that anxiety becomes something that happens in a person’s life and it is making it hard to live normally day to day then it might be an anxiety disorder. When you need help with anxiety you can see an anxiety therapist in Wall, NJ. 

Resolution is possible

It is important to know that anxiety and anxiety disorders are resolvable with some help, and the right information. In some cases that might include medication as they can help reduce the symptoms you experience, but there are also other things you can do. Probably the biggest thing is to look at what the underlying cause of the anxiety is, and then learn methods of getting yourself through it. That is why talking to a mental health therapist in Wall NJ or where you are is so important. They can help give you tools to manage your symptoms as well as address the root cause. 

When the underlying reasons are addressed in the right way you might even find you no longer have an anxiety disorder at all. You might need the medication at first but then over the long term you address the issue. Otherwise, if you only use drugs you might find that the anxiety persists and you have to keep going through cycles where it is harder to handle.

Two main categories for anxiety conditions

Circumstantial anxiety – Circumstantial anxiety is when symptoms of anxiety come in when something stressful happens in your life. It could be a divorce, a death, an illness, pressure at school and so on. Anything that causes stress can cause anxiety. You just need to handle the stress and find a way to get through that situation and then when it is over the anxiety will pass as well.     

Chronic anxiety – Chronic anxiety is when the symptoms of anxiety are there over a longer period of time, sometimes months, sometimes even years. The symptoms are not there all the time rather they come and go. There is a lot of fear involved with chronic anxiety, some suffer just when the anxiety is there and some live in fear all the time. Another term an anxiety therapist in Wall NJ might use for this type of condition is entrenched anxiety. 

Four types of anxiety

Within the above categories there are then four main types of anxiety people experience. These are;

Involuntary anxiety – Involuntary anxiety or involuntary panic is when it comes unannounced and is often not preceded by the other types, situational, anticipatory or spontaneous.         

Situational anxiety – Also called Phobic anxiety this is when the symptoms occur when certain things happen, in certain locations or situations.   

Spontaneous anxiety – When a panic or anxiety attack happens regardless of where you are or what you are doing.   

Anticipatory anxiety – A mental health therapist in Wall NJ will explain that this happens because just the thought of something that might happen can cause anxiety symptoms or a panic attack.   

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