THC Detox Pills For Weed: Find Out What Works And What Doesn’t

Maybe you’re a regular marijuana user, medical or recreational purposes, or maybe you’ve just used it this weekend at a party; no matter what the reason is you’ve got a drug test happening at work and need to pass it. This is where detox pills come in. While there isn’t a pill out there that can magically clean your whole system within a day; there are plenty of supplements you can ingest that will speed up the detoxification process. When taken correctly there are plenty of THC detox pills that enable even heavy substance users pass a drug test after merely 10 days.

What exactly is weed?

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is a psychoactive drug that is obtained from the leaves of the Indian hemp plant. Once ingested or smoked, the drug enhances your senses. Your perceptions are heightened, pupils dilate making colours appear brighter and more intense, your muscles relax and you are able to move freely. Other effects also include feelings of joy, contentedness and a carefree attitude. You also feel quite hungry once you’ve smoked up; most people refer to this as getting the munchies.

Detox pills:

When we break it down there are three types of detox pills for weed:

  1. Diuretics: It is a substance that increases the amount of urine in your body. However, it is not enough to just take the diuretics on their own; you are also required to drink massive amounts of water to efficiently flush out the toxins from your body.
  1. Masking agents: These are substances added to urine to effectively mask the trace of THC in it. However due to the sophisticated machines and ways of testing available today this method isn’t of much use.
  1. Permanent detox pills: This kind of detox pill flushes all toxins completely and permanently out of your body. Usually you are required to take these pills regularly and over a fixed period of time for this method to effectively work.

Effects seen:

  1. Improves the PH of your urine
  2. Supplements your body with additional amounts of fibre while also acting as a diuretic
  3. Improves the production of liver enzymes
  4. Decreases THC binding to red blood cells; this allows your kidney to cleans your blood more effectively.

Above mentioned are the few ways that you can adopt to detox theeffect of weeds from the body. Stay in good health and save your body from getting victimised to harmful effects of weeds

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