Test Strips For Diabetics- How To Cash In On Them

Diabetes is a condition that needs to be monitored constantly. Nearly every diabetic should have a blood sugar testing kit. After selecting a favourite brand of a test strip, many people buy or get supplies of other boxes, which are then abandoned and left to collect dust. Due to the test strip’s relatively short shelf life, it’s common to have to deal with an increasing number of boxes that are no longer needed and need to be disposed of. For diabetic test strip boxes, this frequently means dumping perfectly good boxes in the trash.

Diabetes test strips are expensive, as anyone who has bought them may attest. Did you also know that multitudes of diabetics worldwide cannot afford to purchase the supplies they so sorely need due to their fixed or poor wages or lack of insurance? You can contribute to the efforts of the numerous groups that assist them with the supplies they require. Instead of throwing away surplus containers of test strips that are still sealed and undamaged, you can sell diabetic test strips.

Who holds additional boxes of test strips and why?

The majority of diabetics are sensible enough to stock up on boxes in case they run out, and eventually, they realise they have a few more than they need. If you regularly receive boxes, you might notice that extras are starting to accumulate. Maybe you are not testing as frequently as you once did. It’s possible that you switched test strip manufacturers but that you still have a supply of the old, incompatible strips lying around. If you tested yourself while you were pregnant and no longer need to, it’s conceivable that you still have some boxes lying around that you’re not sure what to deal with.

You might have extra boxes because a loved one passed away or moved into a medical care facility that now provides their supplies. There are numerous reasons why you might have a stockpile of boxes of diabetic test strips that are still in mint condition, are still sealed, and have not expired and that you might want to sell test strips.

Is selling my test strips permitted?

If you are their legitimate owner, then yes. As long as you purchased the test strips on your dime even without a prescription you are permitted to sell diabetic supplies. You can still sell your boxes even if they are tagged “mail order only” or “not for resale”; this merely means they can’t be sold through third parties.

Of course, there are certain considerations to make. For instance, not every brand will be in high demand. Medicare-provided boxes cannot be sold again, and no one will buy boxes that are past their expiration date, are damaged, or have broken seals. But if they are a reasonably well-known brand, in excellent shape, and have at least 6 months left before they expire (although you might be able to get half off for certain brands that are going out of business in 3 to 6 months), you might have the money in your hand in just a few days!

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