Soberlink: Supporting Families When a Parent Uses Alcohol!

As the pandemic worsens for parents, children’s lives are also being profoundly impacted in unexpected ways. Since many schools have been forced to close for long periods of time before reopening for brief durations, remote learning programs have been created. Some parents may be concerned about their children’s safety if they allow them to spend more time at home because of the epidemic.

Some of the ill consequences of co-parents drinking excessively include increased aggression, loss of control and mental disorder. Anyone who displays even one of these indicators in front of an underage child will face long-term physical, psychological and emotional effects in the future. Alcohol-addicted parents must always keep an eye on their children’s consumption, no matter how isolated our society has become.

In a Faraway Land, Keep an Eye on Alcohol

Many people’s everyday routines have had to adapt in the wake of the outbreak. If a parent has a history of drug abuse or dependence, this is very vital for them to remain clean. These people are more likely to relapse if they don’t have regular routines that emphasize accountability and responsibility. Those with mental health disorders may be more susceptible to relapse as we move to a more remote setting. New routines and habits should be adopted to replace old ones in order to maintain good health and well-being.

Soberlink alcohol testing procedures have also been affected by the pandemic. In order to obtain a copy of their lab results or to have them tested, many people will have to leave their homes. It may have taken a long time to plan, conduct, and obtain test results before COVID. Shutdown orders and disputes over which industries qualified as vital businesses and what safety precautions needed to be adopted further impeded operations as the disease began to spread. As the number of COVID cases rises, so does the risk to patients and their loved ones who must go outside their homes for testing.

Utilizing the Alco-Monitoring System from Soberlink

New technology has made it possible for parents to keep tabs on their children’s alcohol use from the convenience of their own homes for the first time ever. With the Soberlink technology, you get the best of all worlds when it comes to remote alcohol monitoring. As a result, users will be able to take the test from anywhere and receive their results very instantly.

For remote testing, Soberlink’s facial recognition technology ensures that no issues with user authentication or device manipulation occur. Each user’s test results will be sent to the testing component of Soberlink’s cloud-based management software immediately when they use the system, which captures their BAC and transmits it.

Since its inception, the reviews about Soberlink alcohol monitoring program has been used in American family courts for the past ten years. Professionals in the business have called this technology “The Experts in Remote Monitoring Technology,” allowing parents to keep tabs on their children’s alcohol use without interruption. Customers no longer have to leave their homes to get tested for COVID, which protects by their own and their family’s health.

If a co-parent is concerned about their child’s safety, smart technology may be able to alleviate their concerns. Families suffering with the effects of alcoholism can benefit from Soberlink monitoring, which allows them to have more secure co-parenting arrangements in today’s more fragmented world.

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