Shoulder Ligament Surgery – Definition And Procedure

Shoulder ligament surgery is a standard and essential procedure that should be attempted only after carefully considering the risks, benefits, and alternatives. When performed correctly, this minimally invasive surgery can dramatically impact an individual’s quality of life. The shoulder ligament surgery price (ผ่าตัด เอ็น หัวไหล่ ราคา, which is the term in Thai) varies from hospital to hospital). If you’re considering having shoulder ligament surgery, read more.

What Is Shoulder Ligament Surgery?

Shoulder ligament surgery is a minimally invasive surgery performed in two stages. The first stage is reconstructive surgery to repair the torn or damaged muscle or tendon. The second stage is a controllable phase in which physical and exercise therapy helps the patient return to normal activities.

A surgeon creates a new tissue shrug to replace the torn or damaged tissue during reconstructive surgery. The surgeon’s goal is to create a more robust, unified structure in the shoulder joint, which will serve as the foundation for a healthier and flexible shoulder. After reconstructive surgery, physical therapy is used to help the patient return to normal activities. During the controllable phase, recovery can be remotely managed with an activity tracker, helmet camera, and an external doctor’s visit log.

What To Expect During A Shoulder Ligament Surgery Procedure

  • During a shoulder ligament surgery, the surgeon will prepare the patient for the process by taking a flexible scope (orthopedic scope) and looking inside the shoulder joint to assess the damage.
  • The surgeon will remove the protective padding from the inside of the shoulder and look for damage or abnormal anatomy.
  • Depending on the severity of the injury, the surgeon may remove some or all of the muscle that’s torn or damaged. This maneuver is called harvested biopsying, which is why the procedure is sometimes called “muscle biopsy.”
  • If the surgeon discovers an abnormality during the harvesting process, the surgery will be rescheduled, and the harvested tissues will be sent for pathology.
  • After the pathology is done, the surgeon will prepare the patient for the second procedure stage, which is the controllable phase.
  • During the controllable phase, physical therapy is used to help the patient return to normal activities. Reaching this stage is often accompanied by excitement because the patient is now on the path to recovery.


Shoulder ligament surgery is a minimally invasive procedure to repair or reconstruct a tear or tear-related injury in the shoulder joint. This surgery aims to create a more muscular, more unified shoulder so that the patient can return to normal activities more quickly.

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