How to solve Male Pattern hair loss

In this fast-moving world, hair loss is the most common issue we all go through. It affects men, women, and even children. According to the American academy of dermatology, we lose about 50 and 100 hairs a day. It is standard, and it can also increase for some people. It can be due to stress, improper diet, and even genetic condition. Men are more liable to this than women. It affects them both physically as well as psychologically. Hair-thinning men face serious issues that are hard to handle.

Reasons for hair loss

Hair thinning happens due to several reasons:

  • Genetic condition
  • Everyday stress
  • Fancy hairstyles
  • Intake of medications
  • Radiation therapy
  • Hormonal changes

Signs and symptoms

Hair loss is a common symptom where we may notice some changes. As we age, we experience gradual thinning of hair. Receding hairline is the most common pattern found both in men and women. Bald spots occur either in patches or circles, causing itches. Our hair strands become weak and lose their strength. We may also notice sudden hair fall in large sum while combing or washing our hair. It also affects hair follicles in other body parts.

Medical condition

It is a disease in which our immune system attacks hair follicles, known as Alopecia. A condition with chronic hair loss in all body parts with hair.

After Effects

Though it is a common condition, it has a strong psychological effect. It affects the emotional health of a person causing depression and anxiety. Hair-thinning men face humiliation in their personal and work environments. It can change a person’s outlook and bring their confidence down. They face constant judgment for their appearance causing social anxiety. They lack positivity in their life.


There are a few home remedies to try for hair fall. Apply oil thrice a week. Give frequent scalp massages to increase blood circulation. Pick shampoos that are organic and chemical-free. Take supplements rich in biotin; folic acid can boost your hair growth.

Clinical treatment

Proper medical supervision is needed to deal with hair loss. Apart from essential hair oils and oral medications, there are clinically approved treatments and surgery to reduce hair loss significantly. Hair clinics and potential dermatologists provide effective treatments like PRP (Platelet- rich plasma), Laser treatment, and Hair transplantation surgery. There are also easy and painless surgery options available.

 Measures to follow

Adopt a healthier lifestyle by having a balanced diet with the required protein and vitamin intake. Stress should be reduced and managed regularly. Just relax and rest yourself. Take good care of your hair. Combing your hair at least twice a day can help. Wash your hair with a decent shampoo. Protect your hair from harmful sun radiations. Avoid practices like smoking, as it also leads to hair loss.

To sum up

Hair loss is typical, but it also has serious underlying issues. Thinning hair men find it emotionally challenging, but it is treatable with proper medical care. Embrace yourself the way you are. Be more kind to yourself and others.

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