Five Lesser-Known Benefits of ABHA Card

If you have chosen to read this blog, we assume that you are aware of the ABHA card and ABHA number. Ayushman Bharat Health Account or ABHA is a unique health ID that ties all the medical records of an individual in one single place. These medical records can be easily accessed (only with the consent of the account holder) by health insurance companies, hospitals and health centres across India.

The aim behind introducing the ABHA card among the citizens of India was to streamline every individual’s health records, including prescriptions, in one place. To access the medical records, a consent pin is required, thereby granting further access to the record folder.

Creating an ABHA card is both easy and free.

With that being said, it is time to take a look at some of the lesser-known benefits of owning an ABHA card that not many people know about.


  • Store your entire medical record securely 

Every medical health record has some level of private data that is crucial for the management of your health. It is important to store such information safely and securely so that it cannot be manipulated or compromised.

ABHA proves to be an excellent platform for such details. Not only it offers a safe and secure platform for your medical records, but it ensures these details are accessed only with your consent.

Once the data is stored in ABHA, you do not have to worry about its safety.


  • Access vital medical records in seconds 

In a typical situation, a person, before visiting a doctor or medical centre, ensures to carry all the necessary medical files, prescriptions, x-rays and other medical documents. And this, of course, is a vital step, or how will your doctor know about your health history?

Well, hunting such medical records is easily said than done, especially when you have multiple physical records to retrieve. And we don’t blame you. We, humans, have never been as habitual in saving medical records properly as we do with other documents.

With the introduction of the ABHA number and card, you now get to store digital copies of your medical records in one place for easy retrieval.


  • Sharing medical records with doctors is now hassle-free

If carrying piles of paper and files is not your jam, then ABHA has you covered.

With almost all of your medical records stored in one place, you no longer have to worry about carrying physical copies.

You can easily share your medical records using a PHR address that ABHA gives you.

In just a few seconds, all your health-related files will be at your fingertips.


  • Gain easy access to HFR and HPR

Once you create your ABHA, you can easily get access to the health facility registry (HFR) and healthcare professional registry (HPR). These platforms give you a compiled list of health centres and registered doctors across India.

Such information can make obtaining relevant treatments from experts a hassle-free job.


  • Prevent disease before things get worse

The best thing about storing all your medical records in one place is that it assists you in easily tracking your health history.

This organized medical history can come in handy in detecting health concerns at the initial stage, thereby preventing expensive treatment or risk to health.


To be concluded

Even though not many people are familiar with the ABHA card, it is going to be a successful venture as soon as it catches the wind.

Currently, people who are using their ABHA number have found this unique identification card extremely beneficial. Not only it stores vital records safely, but it offers access to them in seconds, too.

For additional assistance with the creation of the ABHA number, contact the experts at Bajaj FinServ.

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