Explore How a Chiropractor Can Help with Back Pain

Sometimes back pain is something that is a nuisance but it goes away and you can get on with your everyday life. Sometimes though it can have a larger impact and living with chronic pain can affect our mood, our relationships, our work and more. One of the ways you can deal with back pain without having to take a lot of pain medication is to see a chiropractor in Brick. The goals of a trained chiropractor are to offer spinal nerve relief, return spine flexibility back to normal and to restore nerve reflexes. Using specific spinal manipulation they can help with certain lower back pain problems.

What is subluxation?

Chiropractic care is focused on the understanding that subluxations happen in the spine, meaning a partial separation of a joint. It affects the back and neck and because of the nervous system can also be linked to other issues too. There are different methods and techniques learned by a chiropractor Brick NJ that can be applied to modify this separation, not just for lower back pain but for upper back and neck treatment too. It can help with migraines and bad headaches, high-impact accidents, arthritis, repetitive pressures and more.

No longer regarded with such skepticism

For some time chiropractic care was regarded with cynicism and skepticism. It is an alternative treatment option like you find with acupuncture, massage therapy, and other treatment options that do not involve drugs, medicines and surgeries. It is not something just anyone can do though. People who become chiropractors have to go to university for three to four years. You then have to pass a state license to practice where you want to be. Rather than seeing it alongside unproven alternative healing like crystal healing, it should be seen alongside approved and understood treatments like rehabilitation and orthopedics.

Finding a chiropractor

When you are experiencing back pain you have a number of ways to find yourself a chiropractor in Brick. You can look online and check out websites that are listed or look at directory sites. You could look in local phone books. You could ask your doctor or people you know. It is important to check the names you consider and make sure they are genuine chiropractors with good practices. There are some that push hard on selling supplements, on making you buy a lot of sessions in advance and more on making money than caring about the patient. Make sure you only see someone qualified and licensed and avoid those who promise it is the cure for everything!


You do not have to put up with back pain that is causing you a lot of difficulties and making you miserable. If you need another option other than pain medication you could go to see a chiropractor Brick NJ, or one local to you. Just make sure if there is anything serious going on that you also involve your doctor so that they know what is going on and they might even give you some other ideas on what to do.

*This article is not meant for diagnostic purposes

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