Common Physio Treatments 

There are a number of reasons why you might have had to find and see a physio West Perth or elsewhere. When you have had to have surgery, if you have been injured in a sport, if you have been in a car accident and so on. Physiotherapy is a great way to help with the process of healing and improves movement, pain management and makes everyday living a bit easier for a lot of people. Here are some of the common physio treatments you might receive, though by no means an exhaustive list!

ROM exercises

ROM or range of motion exercises are a part of recovery from extended periods of being immobile such as when recovering from broken bones or even from surgery. They are there to encourage joint mobility, improve movement and improve circulation during this recovery period. By moving the muscles and joints involved a patient can help with things like postural problems and avoid issues with muscle atrophy. It is not just physiotherapists that use ROM exercises, a lot of healthcare practitioners do.


This is a more modern approach to therapy when you see a physio Floreat or where you are. It uses electrical stimulation using electrodes that are placed on the skin and they cause the muscle to shorten which also helps prevent atrophy. It is an approach used on people with very severely restricted range of motion or paralysis. It can be used with other therapy methods such as ultrasound or laser.

Kinesio Taping

Kinesio tape is a neon tape used on some patients when wanting to achieve better stability in the muscles and joints while they are going through physio. It does not restrict their range of movement so is good for when flexing and stretching muscles need to happen but with some support.

Therapeutic massage

Also called soft tissue mobilisation is when a physio West Perth helps reduce the swelling and relaxes muscles for a patient. It can help with many athletic injuries, it relieves pain and it improves blood circulation. It is also good for nearby joints too.

Heat therapy or cryotherapy

When you have a patient with stiff and sore muscles, whether from performing in a sport or from sitting at a desk all day, either heat therapy or cryotherapy might be employed. It is basically an intense form of applying heat and cold to areas that are sore, muscles that are tight and so on. Heat therapy includes things like paraffin wax or hot packs and cryotherapy might include an ice massage or applying ice packs.

Ultrasound frequency therapy

In the past ultrasounds were not a part of the physio Floreat’s arsenal but in recent years it has been found that sound waves can be used to heal the body. Physios use ultrasound frequency therapy to offer a more gentle method of healing with soft beams reaching damaged tissue. They are absorbed by the fascia, tendons and ligaments and it is commonly used for patients with muscle strains, arthritis and more.

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