10 Best foods for longevity

Living a healthy life is very important. This is because it can keep our body healthy and avoid some diseases. Besides, it will also increase our life expectancy. There are a lot of things that you can do in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is one major thing that you can do if you want to stay healthy. Obviously, there are a lot of exercises that you can choose from such as swimming, running, jogging, climbing, hitting a gym or cycling. The only thing to do is to pick one that is very suitable for you. Beside exercising, the other main important thing that you can do is to eat a healthy diet. What you eat will shape your life and your body. Of course, eating unhealthy foods such as processed food, junk food or fast food is bad for your health because it does not contain enough nutrition that your body needs. Besides that, eating healthy foods is a must. There are a lot of healthy foods that you can eat in this world, but there are some foods that are considered best for longevity. Here are 10 best foods for longevity:

Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables are vegetables that contain anti-cancer properties. These vegetables include broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower and also brussels sprouts. These vegetables are known to have good and potent anti-cancer properties. They can inhibit the growth of cancerous cells in the body and at the same time increase the body’s natural detoxification system. In order to release its special properties, these vegetables must be shredded, juiced, chopped or blended.

Salad greens

Green and leafy vegetables are always good for your health. Some examples for this type of vegetables are kale, spinach, mustard green, lettuce and also collard green. You might notice that some of these are also cruciferous vegetables as mentioned above. Salad greens and vegetables are good for your vision. Besides, it is also good for anyone that wants to decrease their weight and it is also known to minimize the chances of getting some serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and also some cancers.

Dengue Prevention


Even though the nut is small in nature, the nutrient is very high. A nut contains healthy fats, protein, fiber and also antioxidants which is quite good for your health. You can always top your appetizer or salads with nuts.


This is the same type of food as nuts, but seeds contain more protein and minerals. Flax seed or chia seed are the one that can be taken in your diet.


Berries such as strawberry or blackberry are very good for the brain. Studies also show that eating berries can help to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, hence contributing to decreasing chances for other serious diseases.


Pomegranate is a unique fruit. You can eat it raw, but you can also make juice out of it. Taking pomegranate is always good for your brain, heart and also has anti-cancer properties.


Beans are good anti-cancer foods. It can also help to stabilize blood sugar and protect from colon cancer. Any beans such as red bean, black bean, split peas or chickpeas are all good.


Mushrooms have a lot of benefits. Its major benefit is to protect against breast cancer. Mushrooms always need to be cooked because a raw mushroom might contain cancerous properties.

Onions and garlics

These two are great for your immune system. If you love cooking, consider adding them in your dishes.


Tomatoes contain a lot of nutrients that are good for your body. One of the main benefits from eating it is it can help to protect from UV skin damage.

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