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ZBrush All existing customers are required to update to it as soon as possible as earlier versions will not be supported. Important : If you have macOS ZBrush requires OSX Important: Bevel Pro part of ZBrush has extra requirements. On Windows, your graphics card must support Vulkan. On macOS your card must support Metal. If you card does not meet this requirement you will not be able to use Bevel Pro but can still use the rest of the ZBrush toolset.

To begin, please go to the section for your current ZBrush version. Each section will provide the necessary instructions for how to upgrade that version to ZBrush If you have ZBrush installed already , browse to its folder on your computer and run ZUpgrader.

This will update your ZBrush to version ZUpgrader cannot update between version years. Note: Some users report encountering a login loop when they try to upgrade or download.

If this is happening to you, please first make sure that you are either using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome for Windows users or Safari for Mac users. Also, ensure that you don’t have any browser addons or antivirus software that block cookies.

Our site uses cookies to remember that you have logged in as you navigate between pages. If it can’t write the cookie, it will forget you’ve logged in just as soon as you’ve done it. It is now possible to upgrade through My Licenses. Above your floating licenses you will see a blue button for upgrading. Click that and then follow the instructions on the next page.

If you do not know what email address your licenses are registered under or encounter issues, please start a Support Conversation. Important: The IT team should handle upgrades so that all users are upgraded at the same time.

This will avoid any file compatibility issues caused by users running different ZBrush versions. These limitations will soon require us to start deleting data for users where there is no recorded use of ZBrush within a specific time frame. Since ZBrush 4. Updating to ZBrush Once a non-upgraded license has been deleted there will be no record of your purchase to fall back on and your license will be lost forever.

If you never upgraded above ZBrush 4R8 then you will need to follow slightly different instructions from those for users that have done so. This is because we will need to generate a new serial number for you.

All upgrades from ZBrush 4 will be a perpetual license. Please follow these instructions:. Users of Earlier ZBrush Versions 3. That data was 13 or more years old. We held onto it as long as we could, but it is now gone. If you never upgraded to ZBrush 4 or above, we no longer have any records of your purchase and therefore have no way to verify your license ownership.

It will be necessary for you to purchase a new license — either subscription or perpetual. Start a conversation Sign in. Start a conversation. ZBrush uses your current serial number. Please follow these steps to upgrade. Disable your antivirus software. This includes Windows Defender. Failure to follow this step will often result in a corrupted installer that fails partway through installation. You can skip the rest of the steps on this page.

For ZBrush If you get stuck in a login loop, please see the note below. Click the button to Download ZBrush ZBrush will use your existing license key. Choose your region and platform to download. It allows up to 5 download attempts every 24 hours. It is therefore no longer necessary to keep a backup copy of your installer. Simply come back to My Licenses whenever you wish to install ZBrush again. That way you will always have the most current version. Install ZBrush There, you will see an option to “Open Anyway.

If so, it will ask for you to enter your Pixologic ID. This is the same information that you use to log in at My Licenses. If ZBrush requires activation on a computer that already has or above installed, this activation will not deduct from your serial number; it will simply authorize ZBrush. In the browser window that opens, choose your ZBrush license key and complete the activation.

Enable your antivirus software again. You can uninstall your earlier ZBrush version at any time. Don’t deactivate it or ZBrush will also be deactivated.

ZBrush 4. Please follow these instructions: Log into the My Licenses page using the email address that your license is registered under. Simply use the “forgot password” feature to reset your password from the random one that we created for you to one that you will remember going forward. Click the blue button to Upgrade to ZBrush Select the serial numbers that you wish to upgrade at this time. If you have multiple ZBrush 4 licenses you can opt to upgrade some of the now and the rest later.

Most users will wish to upgrade all at once. Some licenses are not eligible for upgrade and will not be displayed on this page: NFR licenses are never eligible because they were provided for a specific purpose.

If you still need an NFR copy and do not wish to purchase a license or subscription please send an email to pr pixologic. Cross-platform licenses are not able to be upgraded because they’re not stand-alone licenses. Now that all ZBrush licenses are dual-platform, the add-on is no longer needed. Simply upgrade the license for your original platform, which will now work on both Windows and macOS. To do this, submit a Support ticket.

Licenses that have already been upgraded will also not display here. The next page will provide you with a final confirmation. You may either opt to select different keys or to confirm your upgrade. After clicking the “Confirm Upgrade” button your license s will be upgraded and a new serial number will be assigned to this license. As you may have noticed, this license will not specify whether it was for Windows or macOS — All ZBrush licenses now work on both platforms.

Return to the My Licenses page. The section for ZBrush 4 will now be collapsed at the bottom of the page. The top of the page will display your new serial number. It will also have a button to Download ZBrush This button will take you to a page where you can choose your region and whether you wish to download the Windows or macOS installer.

In the browser window that opens, choose your ZBrush serial number and complete the activation. Unlike with ZBrush 4. You no longer need a license file.

You can uninstall your old ZBrush version at any time. You do not have to deactivate it before doing so. If My Licenses only says “ZBrushCore” for your license key and does not have a version number then you have the original ZBrushCore release and must upgrade your license as described in the “ZBrush 4.

Upgrading to ZBrush is not free. There, you would click the button to Upgrade to ZBrush Pro. When you upgrade, be sure to use the same email address that your Pixologic ID is under. Changing the email address would break the link between your ZBrushCore license and the ZBrush license, requiring a Support ticket to resolve. Alternatively, you can purchase a ZBrush subscription.

If you ever do upgrade to a perpetual license, be sure to cancel your subscription so that it does not rebill. Our systems cannot know on their own that your upgrade is meant to replace the subscription.


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