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The best-looking wrestling game to date, WCW Nitro storms the ring with championship gold graphics and a ringful of features that should satisfy even the. Download WCW Nitro emulator game and play the N64 ROM free. Cross-platform game works on desktop PC, mobile, and tablets. Download WCW Nitro for Windows to wrestle with the toughest members of World Championship Wrestling. Free Download For PC replace.me Nitro is a wrestling game where you can take the role of either Hollywood Hogan or Goldberg in a fight. WCW Nitro wrestling is a wrestling game made for PC, it utilizes 3D game technology. Thanks to Dr. Harris for the CD.❿


Wcw nitro free download pc


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Metropolitan Museum Cleveland Museum of Art. I don’t know if that was intentional, like simulating fatigue, but I did not particularly like it. When I hit the buttons, I want the player to react right then. There were times that I would hit a certain combo and I would wait to see if it actually took before my character performed or did not the move.

I thought this was a little frustrating but it seems to be a common thing in wrestling games. One thing that I thought was really cool in the game was that you could set it to have surprise attacks. This meant that if you were kicking the crap out of you opponent computer only , occasionally there would be a surprise attack. The camera would zoom back and you would see somebody running down the ramp and jump in the ring and start beating on you. You were forced to fight against two guys for a short time until the surprise attacker ran back out of the ring.

This was cool for two reasons. First, it made it like real I use the word real very loosely wrestling. They always have some guy or gal running in to try and save the day. The second reason it was cool is because it always kept you trying to put your opponent away as quickly as you could.

I learned the hard way that it is not always best to beat you opponent senseless because you just never know when one of his buddies is going to come racing down the ramp and help even things up a bit. Aside from the sluggish reactions, I did not have any real complaints with the game. Since I am not a real big wrestling fan, I did not really know who was good or bad. It would have been nice to have a graph that showed the strengths and weaknesses of the different wrestlers so you had a better idea what the wrestler was capable of.

Since some wrestlers were slower than others, it would have been nice to know what to expect. This is one of the shining areas of the game. The wrestlers all looked great, down to the steroid and tanning bed enhanced details of their muscles. I really liked the fluidity of the movements and when you pulled off moves, they looked very good.

There was never really any noticeable slowdown in terms of graphics. The different rings also looked cool but there is really not much that you can do to a ring to make it look different. I guess that if you are a wrestling fan, you will really dig this game. Since I am not, I found it fun for a bit but tired of it fairly soon. Since I have no loyalties or opinions to any of the wrestlers, it really did not draw me in like a football or baseball game would, although football and baseball are sports, not acting.

Anyway, I wish the moves would have been a little quicker to execute instead of being so sluggish. All in all, this is one of the better wrestling games around but if you are not a fan, you may tire of it. These days, everyone’s jumping on the wrestling bandwagon, claiming they were fans since Moses and Aaron were the tag-team champs.

In addition to an updated roster of over 60 WCW and NWO wrestlers such as Goldberg, Sting, Nash, and Raven–plus 16 playable hidden characters–you’ll have other outstanding options like run-in characters, a man Battle Royale no, not simultaneously–each defeated wresder will have a run-in take his place , and real arenas, including Long Islands Nassau Coliseum and San Franciscos Cow Palace.

You’ll find out in February. However, they’ll be less than thrilled with WCW Nitro. Unfortunately, Nitro lacks the shine and polish of the other wrestling titles. The games fun is also compromised by its confusing control and jittery animations: sometimes the wrestler you’re controlling goes into a move, stops, and then gets pummeled. Nitro’s music is cool, featuring wrestler-specific themes, but even they can’t save this wrestler. WCW Ni-tro’s headed straight for the rental bin.

The lineup has changed since the last preview “Sneak Previews,” September. The graphics are simply amazing-awesome animations and near photorealistic representations of the wrestlers include details down to the muscle definition in Lex Luger’s stomach. If Nitro’s early but promising gameplay can be fine-tuned to live up to its look, it’ll be the undisputed champ of PlayStation wrestling games.

Browse games Game Portals. WCW Nitro. Install Game. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the free file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game.

Game review Downloads Screenshots It is nearly an exact copy of the Playstation and Nintendo 64 versions released earlier. Yes, this version offers network play, but there have been no significant improvements in graphics, sound, or enjoyment. For gamers with 3-D accelerator graphics cards, the game offers a choice: high-resolution graphics complete with detailed crowds, smoother looking wrestlers, and a Jumbo Tron video monitor, or low-resolution graphics that include cruder wrestlers and no background graphics.

For those without 3-D acceleration hardware, there is no choice. You either play with the weaker graphics, or you do not play. Despite assurances that they only recommend a 3-D accelerator, THQ should have been honest and made it a requirement. The low-res version of the game is a mere shell of the high-res version.

Even with 3-D acceleration, there is a noticeable difference in the speed of the game. The better graphics mean slower game play, and that is a problem.

Even with the high-res graphics turned on, WCW Nitro is nothing amazing. Designers have lumped the characters into two basic categories: short muscular guys and tall fat guys. There is some effort made to separate the smaller wrestlers — Goldberg is much stockier than Hollywood Hogan — but for the most part, the biggest factors differentiating the wrestlers from one another are costumes and hair.

The crowd graphics are poorly designed with two or three rows of sculptured fans and then a glob of colorful rectangles.


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