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Added generation of methods to call named fetch specifications to the example templates. Install the WebObjects 5.❿


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It comes with source code. EOF or WebObjects is also required. Here are some examples that use the Movies and Rental models that come with WebObjects. They show how you can create online documentation that closely matches what is available in EOModeler. Click here for entity as the smallest document, here for model , and here for a model group.

Templates for these examples come with EOReporter. EOReporter is freeware. Please see our About page for more information. Evaluate Confluence today. Pages Blog. Project Wonder WOLips wocommunity. Child pages. Browse pages. A t tachments 3 Page History. Pages Home Deprecated. Jira links. Requirements: Apple WebObjects 5. Install the WebObjects 5. Feedback We are always interested in bug reports, suggestions, comments, or any other feedback on EOGenerator.

Versions 1. Fixed Apple’s buggy handling of Boolean attributes Number attributes with a valueType of “c”. These should now be generated correctly as Boolean instead of Number. Reported by Miguel Arroz. Added -encoding and -templateEncoding parameters to control character encoding of generated files and templates. Suggested by Francis Labrie. Added -lastLetter NSString method for use in templates. Suggested by Greg Hulands. Contributed by Mike Schrag. Reported by David Avendasora.

Fixed WebObjects 5. Added a log message in verbose mode when skipping EOGenericRecord entities. Updated with new MiscMerge; adds encoding support and fixes a few bugs. Updated to a new MiscMerge version; new features include a debug command, and additional commands to set variables in different scopes.

For example, you can get a Boolean or Float instead of a Number. Added -define- flag to the -help list. Added initialLowercaseString to return a string with the first letter lowercased. Added additional template code in the standard Java template. Added -filenameTemplate option for more flexible filename generation. Suggested by Jason Jobe.


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Updated for WebObjects release on MacOS X. Reset the NEXT_ROOT environment variable to blank so it does not cause problems with EOAdaptor frameworks. Webobjects works on Windows too. I wonder if will? Sign In or Register to comment. WebObjects developer tools included free with the Xcode IDE (v2. · Development and deployment on platforms other than Mac OS X no longer supported by Apple. EOGenerator. EOGenerator is a command-line tool for generating Java and Objective-C EO classes from EOModel file(s) using a different method than Apple’s. FrontBase, , Linux x86_64 (CentOS 8, Debian Buster), tar install, Download · ReadMe FrontBase, , Windows, Download · ReadMe.

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