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For info, verbose mode basically shows everything that your iPad is doing on bootup. It’s a clear sign that the iPad has been jailbroken. As if it wasn’t clear enough, GeoHot posted a more straightforward picture on his blog minutes ago showing a jailbroken iPad with the BlackRa1n and Cydia icons.

When the picture was first posted on GeoHot’s blog, it had a caption under it saying that “The new app will not be called blackra1n”. This caption has since then been removed. The name doesn’t matter. Of course what really matters here is that GeoHot is once again the first to find a new jailbreak, this time for the iPad. There is no estimated release date but if I had a guess, I’d say that this new iPad jailbreak should hit the streets pretty soon.

It seems like multitasking might come to the iPad earlier than Steve Jobs would want to after all With the release of iTunes 9.

Step 3: BlackBreeze will patch BlackRa1n and place a file called blackra1n-fixed. Step 4: Execute blackra1n-fixed. Once done, you should be able to sync your jailbroken iPhone with iTunes 9. It seems that I missed a tweet by Gehot a few weeks ago in which he made it clear that he was not going to work on an untethered version of BlackRa1n. I don’t know if you remember but Geohot said a few weeks ago that he would give us an untethered jailbreak if he won some kind of contest.

Well he lost! And we all lose too! I don’t know how I feel about that. I mean, the kid is completely in his right to not develop an untethered jailbreak. But somehow, I feel like when you have such a great gift as he has, you kinda have a responsibility towards the community.

Again, he’s free to do whatever he wants but I think it’s very childish to say “I”l give you what you want IF I win this stupid contest” and have us hold our breath.

Then of course we’re all disappointed when we realize that he lost the contest and he’s not going to give us what we want. One thing is sure: the Dev Team will not let us down. The Dev Team will not play game with us and they will not have us wait and hope in vain.

As I said in an article a few weeks ago, I believe the Dev Team is up to something and might very well surprise us. That’s what he mentioned in a tweet yesterday. As usual, in order to get him motivated, you have to do something in exchange. He wants you to make dudeitsaballoon a trending topic on Twitter. I haven’t really looked into it as I don’t have much time while traveling, but it has something to do with red balloons in the sky.

Some of you may be interested in this untethered jailbreak as it is a pain the the butt to always have to plug your iPhone every time you want to reboot.

I have to say I’m a very patient man. I tend to wait for products to come on sale rather than make a rash purchase. That’s also how I approach the iPhone. Instead of jailbreaking my iPhone 3G or buying workaround apps for functionality that will eventually be free, I am usually good at waiting. But, my patience with Apple reached a breaking point and I decided to jailbreak.

Customization – I’ve been told that themes are Microsoft Windows-centric and Apple is not into themes. Skins are not available for iTunes, unlike Winamp remember that program? But, isn’t Apple supposed to be the “fun” computer company? After 16 months of looking at the same basic home screen, I’m ready for a change. Enter WinterBoard. With a stock iPhone, you can only change the wallpaper on your lock screen. With Winterboard, you can change your home screen background, add a percentage for your battery meter for non-3GS users , as well as change the logos for your carrier, 3G and Wi-Fi icons.

The theme I chose is called Blue Thunder. It also changed the stock icons of the apps that came with your iPhone and a number popular apps in the App Store. I kind of understand Apple not wanting to give us the power of customization, lest our iPhones turn into obnoxious MySpace pages. But, I’m tired of being a slave to Big Red. Home Screen Managing – I’ve always thought folders on your iPhone home screen would be incredibly useful. And, again, this thinking may have originated with my Windows upbringing.

But, wouldn’t you think it would advantageous to Apple to have the iPhone and iPod Touch be able to max out the number of apps possible by internal storage rather than home screen real estate? I know you can install apps that will no longer show up on the home screen but that’s counterproductive. With Categories, I trimmed down 10 pages of apps to 4 pages and everything is easy to get to. Spotlight Search also works well with Categories.

Video Recording – I thought that since the iPhone 3GS gained video recording capabilities Apple would make video recording possible for the 3G. Easy choice there. So, I got Cycorder. And I bet Apple was also behind the gimped version of Qik in the App Store which cannot do live streams. Another reason to jailbreak. I have at least another 7 months to wait for the next iPhone announcement. I’m going to spend those months with my jailbroken iPhone 3G. And I wouldn’t have done it if Apple was on its game.

This step by steps guide and tutorial will show you how to jailbreak your iPhone OS 3. This is because of the new iBoot. Originally Posted by Poseidon You will use blackrain to jailbreak then it will get stuck in recovery mode. You will then close blackrain and then reopen it Each and every time the phone gets powered off you will have to run blackrain on it in order to boot it out of revery mode.

There is absolutely no way around this at the current time. I’ve been trying to jailbreak forever If anyone is using vista and blackrain is sitting just waiting after pressing make it rain try setting all users as admin permissions not just run as adminstrator go to show settings for all users and change although I am the aministrator and the only account on my pc also I did not set it to run in any compatibility mode Ok, im trying to jailbreak my phone and this always happens.

I made it run as admin and then it shows the itunes logo with the USB and then after that the screen will go blank with the lights on. Any advice? I have been trying to make it rain for at least 5 times now. The reason why i had to rejailbreak my phone is cos the app Backgrounder rebooted my 3GS and it just deleted the jailbreak.

Blackra1n runs and I get the “thank you” message, but the device never reboots! I can’t figure out whats wrong? Can anyone help? The time now is PM.


Our Friends – Blackra1n-fixed.exe download

Fixed 3G issues; Tethered jailbreak for OOTB ipt 8GB and new 3GS units; Fixed Icy issues; Both Windows and Mac. You can download BlackRa1n here. To fix blackra1n RC3, simply start BlackBreeze and select blackra1n RC3. Now select the directory where you want to save the fixed blackra1n RC3. If not, download it from here. 2) Download BlackBreeze from ih8sn0w. 4) Click “Fix my ra1n” and it will ask you to locate replace.me file on your. Blacksn0w will be available via Blackra1n RC3, in order to unlock iPhone 3G/3Gs you need to first upgrade to firmware and then download Blackra1n. replace.me to replace.me and download a fresh copy of the app. to itunes are stoped. this fixes the issue with the blackra1n app stoping at.


Blackra1n-fixed.exe download.

Things are going fast in the jailbreak world these days. I tend to wait for products to come on sale rather than make a rash purchase. I mean, the kid is completely in his right to not develop an untethered jailbreak. Another reason to jailbreak. However every time you restart your iPhone, you need to plug it to a computer with blackra1n installed. Current version is ultrasn0w 1.❿

Blackra1n-fixed.exe download.


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