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Live differs from Logic in that it gives equal weight to sound design and mixing processors. Depending on your major plugin requirements, this round of our face-off might go either way: Live is best used for sound design, and Logic is best used for mixing. Effects category is a draw! However, there are significant variances…. On the other hand, Live is about as lean and mean as DAWs come, with its less stratified, comparably approachable interface and the speed with which a seasoned user can jet about its Session and Arrange Views, Sample Editor, and Piano Roll is a special part of the software.

Back over the pond, Logic is known for its unrivaled key commands scheme, which allows users to customize a huge number of shortcuts to fit their own tactile demands, no matter how bizarre. Both companies have dedicated controllers for their DAWs. DAW workflow, in our opinion, is all about getting things done as quickly as possible.

By that criteria, Live is the clear winner in this round of the competition. The winner of the workflow section is Abelton. Clearly, Apple and Ableton are approaching this music software nonsense from two very different viewpoints, with a significant price discrepancy. The winner for the value is Logic. While it is much slower and tends to be used less by professionals, it is FREE! It comes with many plugins available and over 50 built-in sounds. Another alternative to mention is Studio One 5.

Studio One 5 works well in many applications, but it works best with arrangement and composition due to its powerful ability to turn MIDI data into sheet notation. The suite also features strong integration with hardware, making it easier to use outboard gear —specifically considering the DAW controller PreSonus built for the program.

This is the one that practically all professional studios have. Pro Tools was built for conventional studio recording, and it shines at every step of the process. Pro Tools was created with the intention of being used for traditional studio recording, and it excels in every facet of that process. Professional engineers adore it because of the quickness with which they can edit and the high-quality mixing environment it provides.

Pro Tools is available in a variety of configurations, including the free, beginning edition Pro Tools First, which has a restricted number of features. Pro Tools Ultimate is the name of the premium, hardware-accelerated edition, whereas Pro Tools is the name of the regular native version.

Check out our full Logic Pro vs Pro Tools comparison. Answer: It depends… in certain situations, it is better. Although Logic and Ableton are so closely connected, it is one tight race! For mix-downs, for example, Logic Pro is typically the best option. It has several configurable routing possibilities and the ability to examine all of the plugins and inserts at once.

Ableton also provides a significantly quicker workflow than most other DAW software. Answer: For many professional musicians and DJs, Ableton is the industry standard for musicians that play live. Answer: Ableton Live is ideal for specific sorts of producers, such as those that specialize in electronic music. It is well worth the large price tag because of the live capability, straightforward loop-based creation, built-in instruments, samples, effects, and connection with Ableton Hardware.

It is, nevertheless, one of the easiest DAWs to master for a total novice. Finally, while both Live 10 and Logic Pro X provide full MIDI and audio recording, editing, and mixing capabilities, included plugins and perfectly realized workflows, the choice between the two boils down to three factors. Before we mail the trophy to Cupertino, though, Live still has one feature that keeps it firmly at the top spot for on-the-fly loop recording and launching: Follow Actions.

This seemingly innocuous little Clip View control panel gives producers and live performers the means to automate and randomise clip launching within Scenes — something no other DAW can do. So Live nabs this one. Alchemy — once a pricey third-party instrument, until Apple bought its developer, Camel Audio — is the more overtly powerful of the two, taking in additive, granular and analogue-style synthesis, with four simultaneous sources, tons of filters and copious effects.

Wavetable certainly holds its own, though — a two-oscillator plus sub wavetable synth with over well crafted wavetables onboard, two filters, comprehensive modulation options, and a supremely accessible interface and workflow, that sounds phenomenal. For us, those two factors tip the scales. These newcomers joined an already impressive line-up of distortion, dynamics, equalisation the integrated Channel EQ is particularly good , reverb, delay, modulation and other effect types to give you absolutely everything you need to get the mixing job done.

This round in our face-off goes either way, depending on your primary plugin needs: Live for sound design, Logic for mixing. But there are also marked differences….

In contrast, with its less stratified, comparatively accessible interface, Live is about as lean and mean as DAWs get, and the speed with which the seasoned user can fly around its Session and Arrange Views, Piano Roll and Sample Editor is something to behold. Back across the pond, Logic is famous for its unrivalled key commands scheme, with which a vast array of shortcuts can be customised to suit the specific tactile needs of the user, no matter how eccentric. This amazing hardware controller features an RGB backlit pad grid for versatile melodic and percussive note input, a bank of contextual buttons and rotaries for mixer and plugin control, and plenty of buttons for governance of Live itself — a truly spectacular fusion of hardware and software.

Clearly, Apple and Ableton are coming at this music software malarkey from two wholly alternative perspectives and with a pronounced disparity in terms of pricing flexibility.


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Aloft Pro Template Created in Ableton Live 11 Suite Pro Template is a series of DAW templates which is based on a using the most popular software instruments and effects in the musical industry (for example Lennar Digital Sylenth1, Native Instruments Massive, Reveal-Sound Spire, Izotope Ozone 5, Nicky Romero Kickstart, FabFilter plugins) and are made for using in your . A subreddit for tutorials, discussions and links about Apple’s Logic Pro and its related software. Official Apple pro apps support line: (free!) k. Logic Pro; Regarding costs, DAWs have different licenses according to the needs of the producer. However, we can find that Logic Pro X has a single license of around $ FL Studio; FL Studio has a competitive commercial value compared to other tools of its style. After purchasing a copy of FL Studio, it can be updated for free whenever a new.


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Logic pro x or ableton reddit free appears to have accidentally leaked an upcoming version of Logic Pro that autodesk autocad 2012 software free full version free the signature feature of Ableton Live — nonlinear pattern launching. While spotted on Reddit, the source of this redxit at the famously secretive company appears to be … Apple itself. As I write this, the screenshot is still live on a public education site:.

If this logic pro x or ableton reddit free real — and not a mock-up that accidentally wound up on the page — it represents a landmark. Logic pro x or ableton reddit free flies! We can pretty easily analyze the screenshot. At the top, new icons appear to let you view a nonlinear Session View-style layout, the normal track arrangement, or both.

In this screen shot, the two are side-by-side. So whereas Live shows you tracks the way channel strips appear on a hardware mixer, vertically, Apple opt for a view more like a software DAW. Tracks are laid out horizontally, so that they match up with the arrangement. These include visual elements seen on iOS.

I noticed this in when it was released, but I called it a bit wrong — I observed that the interface looks like Loopy, and then I went off on a tangent reddiy expressive touch on iOS being important. What did matter in the long run was widespread embrace of polyphonic expression in MIDI. Apple was an early partner in that, at least. Anyway, yes, you get the GarageBand for iOS loop interface as clearly inspired by Ableton Live, now back full circle on desktop in Logic.

And Logic and GarageBand on macOS have shared a code base and functionality since launch aboeton often with GarageBand serving as a testbed for later, more advanced Logic versions of features, rather than the other way around. There are two potential downsides to Logic adding these UI elements. One is, you wind up with kind of a jumble of interface elements. Ableton Live has the advantage of having been built from scratch around these expectations, both in how the software looks and how sound responds.

And that has proven a sticking point to would-be competitors adding these functions to existing DAWs. It could represent a blow albeton Ableton in the crucial education market — because it might allow education buyers to standardize on just purchasing Logic seats. Those of us sometimes swapping between Logic and Live might meanwhile just find this a welcome convenience. Music tech Software Stories Tech. Peter Kirn – March 29, Add comment. Navigation icons. The grid. Remix Logic pro x or ableton reddit free — here made to look very Ableton-esque.

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