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Enter pc camera e-wc12 driver free download

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A lock symbol is used to indicate that the session is password protected. Click on Finish. You must go on-line and your account will be reset to the basic FreePlay membership. Unofficial racing is a lot of fun and it gives you the experience and racing skills you need to eventually compete in official events. This information is sent to the VRI server immediately after the session is aborted. A lower pressure reduces the power of the engine.❿

Enter Multimedia Enter Webcam Driver Download – Enter pc camera e-wc12 driver free download

This works as a filter for the drop down list of screen resolutions. Жмите examples are now part of the application bundle at Wirecast.


Enter pc camera e-wc12 driver free download – Current public version: 15.1.2

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Enter pc camera e-wc12 driver free download


NEW — Automatic color space matrix with options for override. NEW — Add option to override automatic format detection in capture cards. Wirecast 7. Mac Windows. Version Download Wirecast Download release notes for more details and system requirements. Shot ISO Pro-only : You can now independently record any shot in your document, including Rendezvous shots, audio-only shots or any user-generated shots. Great for NLE workflows. Supports x and Apple H.

SRT is an open-source video transport protocol that enables the delivery of high-quality and secure, low-latency video across the public Internet. Mac Audio capture plugin: Restored the ability to bring into Wirecast any audio any running apps are producing on your Mac. Canvas preference page: Time-saving default for document canvas size, video frame rate, and snapping settings. Media playback improvements: Performance and efficiency improvements for playback of PNG animations.

Rendezvous connection improvements: Better reconnection if your Rendezvous guests somehow get disconnected. Blackmagic SDK: Adds new resolution options and also fixes some issues when capturing certain resolutions. Audio distortion with Blackmagic output: Fixed an issue where some audio could become distorted on output with Blackmagic devices. Plus, lots of other bug fixes and improvements!

Here’s what to expect in Wirecast All new Chroma Key with special guests Luma Key and Color Key New options for more accurate keying, including spill suppression, edge coloring, and clipping ranges.

Plus a Luma Key useful if you have a logo with a white or black background you wish to remove , and Color key useful for images logos that have non-black and non-white backgrounds. Plus, incoming sources are now scaled automatically, and will maintain their size based on settings you choose.

Updated technologies Updated to NDI 4. Plus hundreds of additional bug fixes and improvements! NEW Features. New Features. Version 9. Download Wirecast 9. Version 8. Download Wirecast 8. Version 7. Download Wirecast 7. Viewership statistics for Facebook Live, including emoticons, comments and shares, and total viewers New!

Image Carousel source New! Open Broadcaster Studio scene import Fixed installer issues for certain users who were missing DirectX dependencies Updated. NET Framework dependencies from 3. Document recovery after a crash or improper shutdown New! Progress bar indicator Playlist and media clip Shots New! Options for selecting which sources to copy when Duplicating a Shot New!

Bind single keys to Hotkeys in the Hotkey Manager New! Text Widget background gradient and Text Shadow options New! Timestamp filename option for Record to Disk outputs Over additional bug fixes and stability improvements. Audio filters in the Audio Mixer.

Dynamics, EQ, Delay and more! Added Hitbox. Mirror Duplicate will only copy the Shot Layer configuration. Fixed an issue with streaming to Facebook Live Pages when a Wirecast user has multiple Facebook pages that are sorted differently by Wirecast and Facebook causing the stream to go to the incorrect page. Make sure you are not downloading other programs during the installation.

First you will receive the installation package. Double click on it to install the software. The VRC Pro icon will be placed on your desktop. The detailed installation guide is available here: www. Alternative but less suitable controllers are 2-axis joy sticks, even USB game pads will. VRC Pro always starts with the Updater.

The updater checks for software updates and new content and will download it before you can start VRC Pro. This may take some time depending on your internet connection speed. The first start may take more time because the updater needs to download all the components and accessories to be installed on your system.

In order to find your account on the server you must enter the same email address and password that you entered on the website for your VRC Pro account. If the email address or the password is wrong the game cannot connect to your account on the VRI server and you will not be able to play. Click on the Register user button and enter your username which is the e-mail address you use for your VRC Pro account.

A user can only be logged in on one computer at the same time. Once you have connected successfully to your account on the server you can go back to the pit table and start exploring the features of VRC PRO. Only the components, tracks and accessories that are free or have been purchased by you can be used in the off-line mode. All racing modes requiring internet are disabled, as is in-game purchasing.

When your subscription has expired you can no longer use VRC Pro off-line. You must go on-line and your account will be reset to the basic FreePlay membership. In front of you there is your first car, the Intercept ER10 Spec scale electric sedan racer. This car and the RC Speedway are the default car and track. Any time you have a problem and would lose your settings and have to restart the game, the default track and car will be loaded. There are 2 ways of navigation.

You can left-click on top and bottom menu bars. You can also left-click on certain 3D objects to trigger the same action:. You can right click on most of the objects on your pit table, including the laptop screen, catalogs, folders etc.

The object will then be lifted off the table and zoomed in on, and you can spin the object by holding the right mouse button pressed, and moving the mouse. By pressing the Shift key at the same time you change the spinning axis which can sometimes be useful.

Several objects are linked to a website. Clicking on the blue More info button at the top will open a browser and show the product page of that object. When playing in windowed mode the new browser will open immediately. When playing in full screen mode the game will first go back to windowed mode, this will take some time. All parts that belong to the car and are used to run the car are called components.

Each component has its own properties that are used to set up the car and affect the performance. Branded and the RS series components have slightly better specs than the generic components so if you want the fastest stuff go for the branded stuff. Branded VRC PRO components have equal physical properties and the same performance, so you don’t need to purchase all the brands, unless you just want to own more stuff or like to race for another brand or factory.

Some of the components are also placed on your pit table, for instance wheels, motor etc. Of several components we also place the packaging on the pit table to add to the realism.

With a right mouse click you can pick it up and view it in 3D from close by. You can customize your pit table by selecting different accessories like your pit towel, a starter box, a charger, you name it. Except for fixed accessories like the pit towel and setup board, accessories can be picked up and viewed in 3D with a right mouse click.

Consider them like banners on a website, but now in 3D, you can pick them up and spin them around like any other object, and visit their website.

The commercial objects are filtered so that if you are running scale electric you will not be bothered about the latest newest fastest exhaust pipe by brand X. We feel these commercials add to the realism of your pit table and we hope you will also experience this as an enrichment.

We will start off with simple commercial objects but you may see real interesting product introductions in the near future! Make sure you have an active internet connection! In order to find your account on the server you must enter the same email address and password that you entered on the website when you created your VRC Pro account. If either the email address or the password is wrong the game cannot connect to your account on the VRI server and you will not be able to play.

In Accounts you set yourself up as the main user. You can register other users who like to use your system incidentally.

Under Options you configure your settings for graphics, sound, controller and racing. The more powerful your CPU and graphics card, the higher the graphic settings can be. When VRC Pro is started for the first time the hardware configuration is checked and the settings are pre-configured. You can optimize these settings in this dialog. The settings affect the performance of your computer depending on the graphics card capabilities.

This mode will run the game not in a normal window but full screen. Because of all the dynamic scaling changing from windowed to full screen mode will take some time. While changing the window mode the screen will be black. If you don’t want this you should stay in normal windowed mode and select any of the pre-set resolutions. This works as a filter for the drop down list of screen resolutions. Select a specific one to match your monitor.

In the drop down list you can select a pre-defined resolution which could be useful when capturing video for example, a screen resolution of x gives you P video quality. When the selected resolution is changed the game needs to rebuild the whole interface to the new resolution and this can take some time. While changing the screen will be black.

Larger screen resolution reduces the performance of the game. It is advised to restart the game after the resolution is changed. This controls the roughness of the edges of each object. The higher the setting the finer the edges of objects. But this goes at cost of performance. This sets the method used to render textures on distant objects.

The higher setting, the sharper will be the details on distant objects appear. Since anisotropic filtering requires intense processing, it may affect performance. You can turn the object shadow dynamic on and off. This has considerable impact on the performance of the game. If your computer can’t produce min.

Cloud shadows cast shadows on the track and pit table, this applies only to outdoor tracks. You can turn cloud shadows off to increase performance. However cloud shadows don’t affect performance that dramatically as object shadows. These settings affect the performance of your computer depending on the level of video memory of your video card. If your video card has low video memory, like MB, you should use lower settings.

This sets the level of rendering based on how old your graphics card is. Cards from before use Pixel Shader 2. You can also adjust the quality level of the textures, a lower setting produces less detail than a higher setting. This is especially important for graphics cards with relative low memory. This limits the frame rate to the vertical refresh frequency of your monitor usually This gives the smoothest game play.

If it is turned off the frame rate may go higher but this will not necessarily make it smoother. We advise to keep V-sync ON. This enables you to show the frame rate at the right bottom of the screen when racing on the track. Ideally you should have 60 fps or higher. When V-Sync is on the frame rate will be limited to the frame rate of your monitor, usually 60 fps.

In case your frame rate is well below 60 we advise you to reduce the graphics settings step by step until you have 60 or more. This will improve the smoothness of the game play experience. Start with turning of dynamic shadows as this will have the biggest effect on the frame rate. Here you decide what you want to see in VRC Pro and what not.

Player and opponent smoke nitro cars are actually rendered particles and can have a significant effect on the frame rate. This only applies to nitro cars. You can decide to turn the smoke on your own car off to further improve the performance of the game, especially important for computers with lower end processor.

When turned off you will see no smoke on the opponent cars in Multiplayer. This improves the performance of the game. When turned off you will see no dust on the opponent cars in Multiplayer and replay mode. This will restore all the values in the Graphics options dialog to the default values.

Use this to go back to the original graphics settings. In Sound options you mainly set the sound levels of the various sound sources. These settings have no effect on the performance of the game. By changing the sliders you change the volume of each of the sound sources.

Usually you would like your own car a little better than the opponent cars. It is all a matter of personal preference. You can also turn each sound source on and off. Select what sort of speaker system you will be using, this also depends on your sound card capabilities.

This will restore all the values in the Sound options dialog to the default values. Use this to go back to the original sound settings. With F10 you can stop the background music, with F11 you can jump to the next song. With the sliders you control the volume of the background music.

Adjust the sound volume of the background sounds that are played when the game is started and while on the pit table. In Control options you select your controller and adjust the input. If you are using the VRC adaptor with your own transmitter you can probably adjust the input also on your transmitter. The VRC adaptor uses the servo output on your receiver so everything you adjust on your transmitter affects the control in the game.

The default controller is the keyboard, but this is the most primitive means of controlling VRC PRO and it is impossible to feel the quality of the game using the keyboard. All controller devices plugged in to the USB port of your computer will be shown in the drop down list.

Select the controller you want to use. The model will be detected automatically and the name displayed in the drop-down list.

When you move the steering you will see the bar move to the left and to the right indicating that the steering channel of your controller is working. It is also advisable to re-calibrate after a certain period of use, like once a week. The calibration process is started by clicking on the orange Calibrate button. The Windows Game Controller dialog will open. This opens the Windows Device Calibration Wizard.

This wizard guides you through the calibration steps. You will see the axis move in all directions and when done somewhere near the centre of the calibration window. When done click on Next. Click on Finish. Your controller is now calibrated and ready for use. You don’t need to restart VRC Pro after calibration. The higher the number the better the ‘feel’ of your controller. The maximum value is , limited by Windows itself.

For fixed USB controllers it might be necessary to switch the steering if the car, driving away from you, goes to the left when you steer it to the right. Then click on Reverse steering ON. Exponential steering changes the sensitivity of the steering. Normally it is linear 0 meaning that the steering angle changes exactly with the amount of steering on the controller.

Decreasing the exponential means that in the beginning there will be less steering than your input on the controller, but at the end there will be more. So decreasing steering exponential reduces the sensitivity around neutral. Increasing exponential increases the sensitivity and is hardly used. You can set the amount of exponential steering you would like to have; this is useful for USB controllers that cannot be adjusted.

For a start you can use During adjustment the value is displayed in the left bottom corner of the game. If the throttle and brake are reversed on your controller you can put them right by clicking Reverse throttle to ON. This works the same as for the steering exponential.

If you want less sensitivity around neutral then decrease the exponential setting. If you are using a more advanced transmitter with programmable functions you can also set exponential steering and throttle, dual rate, steering and brake trim etc. Everything you change on your transmitter will affect the steering and throttle settings in VRC Pro. Use the customize button to configure a joystick, a USB game pad suitable for Windows also Xbox and even your keyboard.

Specific PS3 gamepads require a special driver to be recognized by Windows. Check www. Most Xbox gamepads can be used for Windows 7 as well. Move the selected controller device stick, trigger or wheel which you want to use to steer left.

For keyboard mapping press the key you want to use for steering to the left, for example O. Move the selected controller device stick, trigger or wheel which you want to use to steer right.

For keyboard mapping press the key you want to use for steering to the right, for example P. For keyboard mapping press the key you want to use for steering to the right, for example A. Move the selected controller device stick or wheel which you want to use to brake and reverse electric only.

For keyboard mapping press the key you want to use for steering to the right, for example Z. Dead zone is the area around the neutral position where nothing happens. Saturation is used to set how much stick or wheel movement you want to use to reach the maximum steering or throttle.

A low value means that you need only half the movement to get the maximum throw, this makes the control of course very sensitive. For example using a regular joystick it may take too long to move all the way to the left or right for steering.

You need a certain dead zone to keep your car stationary in neutral. If you can’t keep the car at rest with your controller you may have to increase the dead zone.

For example using a regular joystick it may take too long to move all the way forward for throttle. Exponential settings do also apply to customized controllers. The camera has a vantage point, can zoom change field of view , can rotate and tilt. VRC Pro features intelligent camera which is adjusting itself based on the situation in order to improve the racing experience. You can control this behavior in Camera options.

This setting is saved per track. When you revisit the track the main zoom will be automatically set to the value you last adjusted it on this track. When you revisit the track the camera will be automatically switched to the mode you last used on this track. VRC Pro features other camera options allowing you to optimize how you view and experience the sim.

In Camera options, you control how camera reacts to different situations. It will affect how you view the car, the zooming and the position of the car on the screen. This is global setting and it applies to all tracks and cameras except follow mode in the game. It will remain as you have adjusted it until you change it again in Camera options or on the track using shortcut key.

If you have very special camera settings for a particular situation, you could write them down and save these values as text in the Remarks field of the car setup. Distance zoom produces additional zoom adjustment based on the distance of the car from camera.

As the car is moving away, additional zoom is applied. It’s very subtle at the beginning and increasing with increasing distance. The value is then shortly displayed at the left bottom corner of the screen. Velocity zoom produces additional zoom adjustment based on the speed of the car. Usually you want little less zoom more overview at high speed, while slowing down at corners needs more details.

We advise to leave it OFF for beginners as it can produce undesired zooming in and out when the car is not driven fluently. This can make the learning process a bit more difficult. To increase track overview on edges, camera is not always pointing exactly to the center of a car.

When the car is on left side of the track from camera point of view , camera will look more to the right in order to show more of the track at right side. As a result, car will be visible at left side of the screen instead of center. Opposite will apply when car is on right side of the track.

The amount of offset can be varied from 0. When using VRC Pro with 3 monitors you should set the offset in such a way that the car always stays inside the middle monitor. With damping you control how quickly the camera adapts to new situation. When turned off 0. We strongly advise to leave it OFF for beginners as it can affect how you control the car, possibly making it difficult to drive.

On the other hand, it will allow you “feel” car acceleration. You can also like this effect when you are capturing video footage from your race or replay.

In ON-mode the camera will stay focused on the track surface and allow the car to move vertically. On off-road car jump will therefore look much more natural. This is especially interesting when driving off-road type cars or on tracks with serious elevations. In this mode, when entire track is in the view, the camera will no longer focus on the car itself but on the center of the track instead. It will only work properly if your screen is capable of displaying entire track and camera is completely zoomed out.

This setting can interfere with automatic zooming distance and velocity zoom as zooming in will cancel the condition of viewing entire track. This mode is interesting if you are using VRC Pro with 3 monitors and want to show a complete overview of the whole track with several cars running on it. In Race options you set the conditions for your off-line practice sessions. Race conditions for multiplayer sessions are controlled by the session creator.

Here you can select 3 modes, Normal , Reversed and Disabled, no timing. In Normal and Reversed mode lap timing is working, as well as corner cutting and wrong direction detection. Disabled, no timing mode: you just drive around in any direction, no warnings issued, no timing, nothing. Just having fun In this mode your racing distance is not logged. If you want to do a race with yourself in practice normal or reverse mode you can set the race duration here.

If you want to do a race with yourself in practice normal or reverse mode you can set the qualify duration here.

Adjust the track grip level. Some online races are raced on a lower grip level and you can adjust the grip here to test and set up your car for the same conditions.

These settings affect mainly nitro engine performance and you might want to test different engine configurations before you enter into an online race. Weather settings mainly affect the performance of nitro engines.

Air temperature also affects the cooling of electric motors. Temperature effects the cooling of the engine and the engine performance. You may have to adjust your fuel mixture or even the setup glow plug selection and head shims when temperature is very different from the default value of 20 degrees.

Pressure has a significant effect on the engine performance. Lower pressure will result in lower performance and may require a different head shim to change the compression, a different glow plug or even clutch adjustment to optimize the performance.

Humidity has some effect on the performance of a nitro engine and may require changing the glow plug or head shim to optimize the engine performance. VRC Pro features achievements and announcements pop-ups which can appear in the game itself. Here you control when you want to have them displayed. Achievements and announcements will be displayed until you have OK-ed them. They will also appear on the website.

Achievements have their own rankings and do not directly affect your racer level. Achievements can help beginners to quickly learn the VRC Pro environment and progress their racing skills. They are also fun for anyone who isn’t fully ready yet for official competition, but who wants personal challenges.

Achievements also log milestone moments in your racing history and they increase your immediate awareness of how well you are doing in- and against the community, be it your friends, racers from your club s , or other racers who are participating in the same event as you and who are setting track records and time trial day records at the same track you are driving right now Each combination of track, car, racer level specific achievement can be completed only one time, but by completing only one of those particular combinations you will close one of the achievements in your official total achievements list.

Whenever you complete an achievement in the game, a small announcement window appears in the top of the screen displaying information about the achievement. If you don’t want the achievement announcement window to appear during your racing then you can set it off in Other game options. Upon setting it off, the game will display all announcements sequentially after the race session when you have returned to the pit table.

Click on the link to view all available www. Click on the categories to see which official achievements you have completed and which you still need to complete. Each track page also displays all your track specific achievements directly below the track image.

Both all achievements you completed and the ones you did not complete are displayed here. The challenge is to complete as many achievements on as many tracks as possible! For approximately each points you increase one level, but the higher your level the more points you will need to progress to another level.

Announcements are special messages sent from the VRC server which are important for you to see. Maybe there are important updates to content or software which you should get immediately and you will be asked to restart VRC Pro. The following color codes are used to indicate the position of your opponents in a multi-player qualify or race session:.

In the Car set-up or Workbench section you can build a car from components, change components on an existing car, save, load and delete cars and setups, customize your car and change the setup of your car.

The chassis itself determines what components can be used based on the following car class definitions that are specified for that chassis:. The last filter that is used is if you have the right to use the component. Components can have 3 levels:. Only the components that can be used are displayed in the list, also the components that are not yet purchased, these components have a shopping cart icon.

Each component has its own set of setup parameters which can be changed. Some components, like the public stock chassis, have very few setup options, the branded and RS components however have all the options. Read more about this in the Setup section.

VRC Pro always saves the complete car including the components that were used to build the car, like body, motor, tires etc. Of each component the setup adjustment is also saved.

So Save car and Load car means saving or loading the complete car including the components and how they are adjusted. The file also contains information what track was loaded at the time this setup was saved, assuming that the setup was optimized for that track.

The current setup, including changes made at the track during the pit stop, will remain active until you change it or load another car, also when you stop playing and come back to play a day or week later. When you make changes to your setup or changing to another car we advise to save the car setup.

Setup files can be uploaded to your profile page and shared with other VRC Pro racers. However, because of the structure of VRC Pro the setup can only be loaded by another member if he has the same components.

Car setups of public and common cars and components can always be shared. There are 4 areas:. In this section you can build a new car from components, or change components on an existing car. To build a new car you always start by selecting a new chassis.

The type of chassis decides which components can be selected for that car. Obviously you don’t want to put a nitro engine in an electric chassis. Each component group has its own button. By clicking on the component button you open the selection. On the top you see which brands are available, and per brand you will have 1 or more components to choose from.

Most generic components are included with your subscription and you can select them as you like. Branded and RS components have to be purchased with virtual cash. This will be indicated when you select the component. Once purchased they can be used at any time as long as you have an active, full membership.

To build a car all critical components must be selected. Until all components are selected the component buttons remain orange. When building the car is completed all the buttons are white and the car is now ready to use. The first thing you should do is to save the car so you don’t have to build it again next time. On an existing car you can change a component by simply clicking on the component button and select the new component.

Public and common components will always be available for selection. You can do this directly in the game but you must have sufficient v-Euros in your account. When you decide to get the component you will have to confirm it and then the component will be downloaded and installed in your system. That component will now always be available for selection for you. Combinations of components, for instance all from one manufacturer, including his pit towel and other goodies, are available in the e-shop.

Components purchased on the website will only be available after restarting the game. Remember that each time you select a new component the default standard settings of that component are used, so you may need to make changes to the set-up of that component immediately. For example, every time you change your foam tires the diameter will be set back to the default size. Certain parts of the car are customizable, the body and the wheels.

However this depends on the component. Branded components usually have more features than the generic components. Paint jobs can be selected from the drop down list.

When the drop-down list is closed you can also use your mouse wheel to scroll through the selections. Decal sheets work in the same way. These settings will also be saved with your setup. Until saved all the settings of your current car will be remembered, also when you abort the game and come back the next time. When you change a chassis or a car make sure you save your current car! When you click Save car you enter a name for that car that identifies it for you.

You can also add a comment as a reminder. The car is now saved with the standard setup for all the components. Every time you change any of the components or change the setup you may want to save the car again as a new set up for that car.

If you want to save the current car under the same name then select the previously saved car from the list Saved setups, and confirm that you want to overwrite it.

You can load a previously saved car by clicking on the Load car button. First select your car class, and next the available cars for that class. On the right side you will see a list of set-ups saved for that particular car. By clicking Load the car will be loaded. On the far right there is a list of the actual components used to build that car. When Load car or Save car is used you can delete a previously saved car.

Click on the list Saved Setups the car setup you want to delete, the Delete button then becomes active and the selected setup can be removed from your system. While you are building your car or changing components the car is being displayed in the right section of the screen. At any stage of building the car you can right click on the car to bring it towards you and view it in 3D. Hold the right button pressed while moving the mouse will spin the car around. Left click on the area to place the car back again.

The body can be viewed in the same way. When you have completed the car or have a pre-built car you can then work on the setup of the various sections of the car. If the driver listed is not the right version or operating system, search our driver archive for the correct version. Enter Enter Multimedia Enter Webcam into the search box above and then submit. In the results, choose the best match for your PC and operating system.

It is a software utility which automatically finds and downloads the right driver. To find the newest driver, you may need to visit the Enter Multimedia website. Most major device manufacturers update their drivers regularly. Once you have downloaded your new driver, you’ll need to install it. In Windows, use a built-in utility called Device Manager, which allows you to see all of the devices recognized by your system, and the drivers associated with them. Locate the device and model that is having the issue and double-click on it to open the Properties dialog box.

In most cases, you will need to reboot your computer in order for the driver update to take effect.

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