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Backup exec 2010 r3 service pack 4 download

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Virtual Memory Recommendations: 20 MB above the Windows recommended size for total paging file size total for all disk volumes. Refer to your Microsoft Windows documentation for instructions on how to view or set the paging file size. For memory requirements for the Deduplication Option, you should review the topic ‘Requirements for the Deduplication Option’ in the Backup Exec 16 Administrator’s Guide.

Installation disk space 1. The Backup Exec Database and catalogs require additional space. Any disk storage that you use also requires additional space. To enable support for each additional robotic library drive, you must purchase the Backup Exec Library Expansion Option.

This configuration is not recommended or supported for extended periods. Every effort should be made to get all Backup Exec components to the same version as soon as possible. Sign up Sign in. Checking for file health Come to discover that patch KB was the culprit. Client-side deduplication is enabled on storage.

Also enabled on server jobs. OST plugin is installed on BE server. I still get this error “Client-side deduplication is enabled for this job, but it could not be used.

I read from some document that remoted agent should be configured for client-deduplication but I can’t find any option for that? All the 11 and 10 databases are backupped fine except for Oracle The DBA initiated job runs fine. Every time I want to create jobs for this database, the database will show “unavailable” but checkable in the Media Server. As i said, when i start the job manually, there is no problem.

As i prefer to start the jobs on the backup exec server, i want to get this working. Switch Editions? Mark channel Not-Safe-For-Work?

Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Viewing all articles. First Page Page Page Page Page Page Last Page. Browse latest View live. I need a solution. The Deduplication option may not be configured properly. Disconnect all previous connections to the server or shared resource and try again.

Installing the updates helps keep your software current and your computer safe. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Public access. OSvC partner. Internal Rules. OSvC Internal. Download history. History options VEMS accounts. Browse VEMS. No download history. Export list. Include user information in export. VEMS accounts. Look for:. Cancel Select. Translation Notice Please note that this content includes text that has been machine-translated from English. Backup Exec Access policy Translate Content Print details Free trial.

Release date: You must upgrade to a newer, supportable version in order to continue to receive any support. Licensing agreement. Urgent message. Informational message. Base and upgrade installers Click Base and upgrade installers to view the files associated with this product version.

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Backup exec 2010 r3 service pack 4 download.Symantec Connect – Backup and Recovery – Discussions


I have been trying to complete a restore for a Exchange Server backup on both the mailbox and individual level have not been successful. I have received different errors or different results. I have tried the following suggestion to no avail. As title. Our company recently purchased a Western Digital MyCloud device what a mistake. We have given up on backing up data from this device.

We would like to move to a NAS solution but are very unsure of which brand and model to go with. For anybody using a NAS to backup from onto external usb drives , could you please let me know which brand and model number of NAS that you have and what you do and don’t like about it? I’m leanings towards a Synology brand NAS but they make a bunch of different models. I have the question.

If I have a Job: – with 1 week expiration for full backup. After 1 week full backup set is expired, but incremental sets expired later then full set. Full backup set don’t delete before all incremental sets is expired. How can I do, BE move full backup set after week with incremental sets, even incremental sets isn’t expired yet?

And question about “Storage” settings in Backup Exec Settings: “protect allocated and imported media”. This settings refer to tape media only? Can I do, that all expired sets stay in storage, until this storage isn’t full and after storage is full, oldest backup sets will be deleted? Our autoloader is having a single drive, but have 8 slots to store tapes.

I want to to check if I give same time for two jobs of two servers how autoloader will handle it. One job will start other will be in queue or second will fail when it find that drive is busy? This is right to do or should define different time if there is single drive in loader. Please guide. Can any please assist if it is ok to use single tape in a media set to run virtual machine backup job.

Just enquiring whether agent communication will stop if servers are left unrebooted until maintenance window is available for reboot as it will be difficult to reboot servers on the day of the upgarde.

Also will this effect the backup technology as to what was being backed up will hault selectively in case communication will be directly to server and may not pass through agent when reboot is required but not done? If one site goes down lets say site one and I need to restore server from Tape backup at site three. I would need to move the tapes from site one to site three then do a inventory and catalog and then do a restore.

But that will take around 8 hours to do 10 1. Is there a way i can copy or sync the catalog from one server to another and when i insert the tapes into another site and when i do an inventory it automatically recongizes the whats in the tapes and shows me the servers which are not originally in site 3 in the backup and restore tape.

Someone told me another way to do a Datadomain replication and get a dedupe boost licensen and somehow the backup server on all sites will know if one Datadomain is down then to use data from another Datadomain device. Basically i want another way to restore server to another site without doing long task of running catalog.

Full Backup Job Successful. My issue is, I need to restore a file but after I run the inventory which seems to be working fine then I go to the tape and I try to catalog that tape but its not working, its taking ages, on my last attempt it took almost 20 hours then I cancelled the job, the catalog job just keeps running without count the bytes, there is no increase of the Bytes at all The Byte Count is is showing as None.

The backup jobs Daily, weekly and monthly are working fine, but for some reason the catalog job is not working. I would appreciate it if someone could help me with that. I will keep searching what is that and I will post when I eventually sort this problem. We have followed the installation process through, however when installing SQL Express the process fails:. Come to discover that patch KB was the culprit. New password. Confirm new password. Cancel Change password.

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Release date: Abstract R3 SP4 Hotfix This hotfix contains Critical fixes for Backup Exec R3 revision Post Requisites A full backup is recommended after installing this Service Pack. Agent for Windows Servers will need to be updated after installing this Service Pack. SAP Agents will need to be updated after installing this hotfix. Issue s resolved Job engine crashes when Oracle database is clubbed with other servers in the backup selection list. Update files.

You must sign in to download. Export list. Choose an account to download the files you selected. Account Choose an account. Cancel Download. Applies to the following product releases. Backup Exec End of standard support: Sustaining support starts: To be determined.

Show more Show less. Eligibility Rules Launch Chat. Update details. Translation Notice Please note that this content includes text that has been machine-translated from English. Translate Content Print details Download. File ID:. Release date:. Checksum: 5ff6e96affe5f4c56cf1a9fd8adecc28b74ab2fa5 Copy. Knowledge base. Access Level:.

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