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Most importantly, these built-in apps no longer run fullscreen by default. Starting with the Start menu, in Windows 11, it is a bit more simplistic. Share this story. All those features will be available eventually, with support for extensions coming sometime before the end of the year — like Windows 10, Edge is a constantly evolving work in progress. Another neat feature of this downloader is that it provides personal recommendations for videos at the bottom of the interface. The app stores in Windows 11 and Windows 10 are based on the same design. Allavsoft is a handy freemium downloader that can handle video and audio files. Most Popular. According to Microsoft, Windows 11 does a lot of work in memory management to favor the app windows you have open and running in the foreground.❿

Microsoft Windows 10 review: Microsoft gets it right – Windows 10 review video download


But the most impressive additions are the new stripped-down, touch-based Office apps. Likewise, the Excel and PowerPoint Mobile versions are enough for me. Apps, games, music, movies, and TV have all finally been combined into a single place. The goal, eventually, is that developers will write a single app and it will run on your Windows PC, tablet, phone, Xbox One, and the upcoming HoloLens headset.

Microsoft is offering Windows 10 free to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users with a view to create a huge install base to attract developers. A new tablet mode in Windows 10 aims to bridge the fullscreen world of Windows 8 with the traditional way you use a Windows PC.

Microsoft still has some work to do to blend these two modes a little better, but this already feels less jarring than Windows 8. If you wanted to, you could test public beta versions of the operating system over the past eight months and watch Windows 10 reach its final point. Windows 10 has some great additions over Windows 8 and Windows 7, and it really feels like a good blend of the familiarity of Windows 7 and some of the new features of Windows 8.

Some range from basic problems like app icons on the task bar disappearing, all the way up to my audio randomly failing or blue screens. Microsoft is rolling out daily updates at the moment, so it might only be a matter of weeks until things are fixed. Windows 10 is hugely exciting. I like the direction Microsoft is taking with Windows 10, accepting feedback and ideas from its customers along the way. It feels like the best way to shape Windows into something people enjoy using, rather than something they have to use.

But what about the next version? This is the “last Windows” and Microsoft will be iterating on it for the coming years.

The best part of Windows 10 is that it ends the cycle of good and bad in favor of something great. Correction : review updated to clarify that Office touch apps are only free for Skip to main content.

The Verge The Verge logo. The Verge homepage. Menu Expand. Drag one of those apps onto the “new desktop” button, and it’ll be moved to its own independent workspace. I can keep one workspace focused on work, a separate desktop for gaming forums, yet another workspace for the new camera lenses I’m checking out; there’s no limit to the amount of virtual desktops you can create, and each one is treated as its own little private island.

Virtual desktops are far from a new development, and they’ve been available in past versions of Windows thanks to third-party apps. But it’s nice to see Microsoft catching up here. The feature could still use some work: desktops are numbered, but if you create a lot of them it can be hard to keep track of where everything is. The “traditional” Win32 apps you might download and install from a website are happy to open a new instance on any desktop, while clicking the shortcut on an app from the Windows store will yank you back to whatever desktop you used it on last.

You can move apps across virtual desktops — just drag them, or right-click to shunt them over — but there’s no way to reorder the virtual desktops themselves, which would be really useful for staying organized. I’d also like to be able to set a different wallpaper for every virtual desktop — I can do both of those things in Apple’s OSX operating system, and have always found it really handy. The Snap feature introduced in Windows 7 has gotten a bit of an upgrade, too.

Drag an app to the left or right side of the screen, and it’ll “snap” to fill that space. The new Snap Assist feature will then chime in, showing you little thumbnails of any other apps that are currently open — click a thumbnail, and it’ll fill up the remaining space.

You can also snap an app into a corner of your display and fill your screen with up to four apps, divided equally across the screen — this could prove useful for folks with massive monitors. The new Action Center replaces the “Charms” introduced in Windows 8, and is another nod to mobile operating systems.

Click the Action center icon on the taskbar to bring up a panel that houses all of your app notifications, and offers quick access to a few important system settings, like toggling your Wi-Fi network or switching in and out of tablet mode — you can choose the options that turn up here in the settings menu.

If you’re coming from Windows 7 and have no idea where to find some of the settings you’re used to, there’s a good chance you’ll find them here. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Wi-Fi Sense. While technically not a new feature it’s part of Windows Phone 8.

I love the idea. Automatically sharing Wi-Fi credentials with my friends would remove much of the hassle of most social gatherings, when people just want to jump on my Wi-Fi network. And — this part is key — Wi-Fi Sense doesn’t share your actual password, so it theoretically eases a social transaction the sharing of Wi-Fi connectivity without necessarily compromising my network security.

But the implementation is, in a word, daft. I do want to automatically share my network with a select group of friends who are visiting, and have them return the favor.

I don’t want to automatically share access with everyone in my Outlook address book, or on Skype, or the random assortment of folks I’ve added on Facebook over the years. Give me the ability to choose who I share access with, down to the individual, and I’ll give it a shot.

Microsoft is also beefing up security with Windows Hello. The feature will use your Windows 10 devices’ camera or a fingerprint scanner to turn your body into a password. Once you’ve authenticated yourself with Windows Hello, Windows Passport will then give you access to a number of third-party sites and products, without forcing you to log in all over again.

This should make it a bit more convenient to log in to your devices, so you don’t skimp on traditional measures, like having a robust password. The only catch is that Hello isn’t widely supported on a lot of existing hardware: you’ll need a device sporting Intel’s RealSense camera, or a fingerprint scanner. Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana isn’t exactly a new feature, as she’s been on Windows Phone for just over a year. But the company’s answer to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Now has made the transition to the desktop with Windows 10, taking over the OS’ search functionality, while also handling quite a few housekeeping duties.

You can have Cortana trawl through your email and calendar, and keep you notified of any upcoming flights you’re taking, or packages you’re expecting. She can set reminders and track stocks, and you can even dictate email messages for her to send to your contacts. Cortana can also be set to listen for you to say “Hey, Cortana,” and can be trained to recognize several different voices. If you want to learn more about Cortana, head over to my preview on Microsoft’s virtual assistant.

I’m torn. I love Google Now’s proactive stream of useful information, served to me whenever I need it. But my primary mobile device is an Android phone and not a Windows Phone, which keeps my interactions with Cortana sequestered to my desktop. She’s not especially useful here. Windows 10’s Voice recognition is rather accurate, but if I have to send an email message and I’m at my desk, I’m just going to use my email client.

She’ll offer recommendations for places to eat or things to see, but that’d be a lot more useful when I’m out and about than at my desk. The same goes for reminders, which are decidedly less useful if I can’t access them anywhere. Cortana will be making her way to Android and iOS devices later this year, which should clear up most of these issues — provided most of her functionality crosses platforms without issue.

I’ll still turn to Cortana for the occasional joke, but until it’s available on a phone I use regularly, I’ll be sticking to Google for Now. Microsoft has added a brand-new browser into Windows 10, and it’s called Microsoft Edge. Introducing a new browser in a world that already has Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple’s Safari is a pretty bold move. Doubly so when your previous effort was Internet Explorer — once a juggernaut in the space, now the Internet’s favorite punchline.

Edge is a fast, modern browser that offers quite a few commendable features. This software works in both bit and bit platform, it can help you to download videos from a plethora of video sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion etc..

The application is available in two versions: A free, feature-limited version and a premium version. Apart from YouTube, this tool also works with multiple different websites. If a video on YouTube is popular and high-quality, then it deserves to be downloaded offline and saved for further use. What do you think of this list? Either way, leave a comment below to let me know. Here is the list of 15 best YouTube v ideo d ownload software that still working in Gihosoft TubeGet 2.

Freemake Video Downloader 3. YTD Video Downloader 5. Kastor All Video Downloader 6. Winx YouTube Downloader 7. Airy 9. ClipGrab Looking to download videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook, and other video streaming platforms? Video downloaders for Windows make it quick and easy to save videos, often in a format of your choice. Not all video downloaders are made the same, and while there are a ton of options out there, both free and paid, many make for a frustrating experience.

In this post, we reveal our favorite video downloaders for Windows We do not encourage or condone copyright infringement and recommend you only download videos that are in the public domain or owned by you, or if you have permission from the hosting site or copyright holder. The one you pick will depend on your specific needs, as well as other factors such as price and features. Here are the main criteria we considered when selecting the best video downloaders for Windows:. VideoProc by Digiarty is a full-featured video editing tool that includes a great downloader.

This is a paid software but the price is very reasonable and you can try it out with a 7-day trial before you commit. VideoProc is super simple to use and supports more than 1, video streaming sites , including YouTube, Vevo, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Facebook. You can download video and music streams, live videos, playlists, and channels. This software supports 8K video, which is becoming a bit more common, but most competitors still only support up to p or 4K. On the editing side, VideoProc comes with all the features you need to create professional-looking videos, including file-merging, subtitles, effects, deshake, and denoise.

Plus, you get great support in the form of comprehensive web tutorials and an email contact form. This comes with a day money-back guarantee. It also works with TikTok, Facebook, Vimeo, and other video sharing sites.

This freemium software limits users on the free plan in terms of number of playlists, channels, and subtitles. Upgrading to premium means these features are unlimited , plus you get a channel subscription feature, no ads, and priority support. As its name suggests, this software supports 4K video, but it supports 8K as well.

Looking for a tool that speaks your language? Plans come with a day money-back guarantee. Allavsoft is a handy freemium downloader that can handle video and audio files. The aesthetic is fairly basic but this tool is very easy to use. The free version allows you to download a maximum of five videos and convert or merge videos of a maximum of five minutes in length.

It supports HD p and 4K. You can add multiple URLs to batch download and convert videos. This software comes with a built-in screen recorder so you can create and convert your own videos.

And a built-in player enables you to playback and preview your downloaded files. Some users have reported issues with initial setup, but Allavsoft technical support is highly responsive and ready to help via email support around the clock.

ByClick Downloader definitely steps things up a notch when it comes to aesthetics. It has a well-designed, intuitive interface that makes it easy to download videos and playlists.


Windows 10 review video download – Microsoft Windows 10

All those features will be available eventually, with support for extensions coming sometime before the end of the year — like Windows 10, Edge is a constantly evolving work in progress. While the tablet interface was a great experience, the rest annoyed everybody who just wanted a laptop that worked the way they were used to. Outside of the main visual change, Windows 11 comes with rounded corners on windows, new app icons, and new Fluent Emojis , which are exclusive to Windows Those live tiles from the Windows 8 home screen still exist, but they’ve been attached to the Start menu, where they make a lot more sense. You can move apps across virtual desktops — just drag them, or right-click to shunt them over — but there’s no way to reorder the virtual desktops themselves, which would be really useful for staying organized. This freemium software limits users on the free plan in terms of number of playlists, channels, and subtitles.❿

Windows 10 review video download.The future is bright

Windows 10 delivers a refined, vastly improved vision for the future of computing with an operating system that’s equally at home on tablets. Microsoft talked about the performance benefits and optimizations in Windows 11 in a YouTube video. According to Microsoft, Windows 11 does a. Brief and good-looking interface, meets the basic needs of saving videos from YouTube. Provide an one-click downloading mode. Support Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista/. This Video downloader app supports batch downloading. Easy to understand interface and good customer reviews. You can convert both your download. No doubt Windows 10 is the best operating system so far and have a lot of cool features, and GUI is amazing in terms of usability and smoothness. It provides.

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